Sunday, October 4, 2009

Luthern World Relief Quilt Tops

I didn't get much extra done in September, with trying to get ready for school, finishing up my written exam, applying for a last minute job (that fell through), burying my cousin, getting the kids into preschool, helping with a huge fundraiser for my (deceased) cousin's group home and prepping for surgery.

I did get two Lutheran World Relief quilt tops done for our quilting group at church.

They turned out pretty good and the quilting group will back and tie them and send them off.

They're not the most beautiful quilts ever, but they'll keep someone warm and let them know they're loved and prayed for.
It makes me feel so good to think I can do a little bit of good for the world from my own home!
What do you do to make you feel connected and help the world?

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