Super Savings Saturday - $29.61

The photo above is the red velvet cake I made John for his Birthday last year (2017).  This year (2018) a friend made a BEAUTIFUL two-layer red velvet cake with cream-cheese frosting.  Sadly, I didn't get a photo of it since only three pieces came home (one for me and one for each of the children).  The rest was eaten at Bible Study and John had a second piece as an afternoon snack that day before coming home.

John and I spent a little more than half our typical monthly grocery budget at Sam's Club stocking up on some things earlier this week, so my goal is to cut back on the grocery budget this week and a few more weeks going forward to even things out a bit.   We did end up spending about $10 more today than I wanted to but that just means we have less later on this month.  That money was spent to fill a vacancy in our pantry and should last us a while.

Missy was on the ball when we got home and put the groceries away before I could take a photo.  I wasn't about to pull them out just to get a photo, so imagine in your mind what we purchased!

Here's what we spent at one store:

56oz Vegetable Oil  $2.49
Baking Powder $1.69
10oz Fresh Spinach $4.99
Green Bell Pepper $0.79
2.54lbs Pink Lady Apples @ $1.49/lb = $3.78
3.41lb Navel Oranges @ $0.99/lb = $3.38
1lb Strawberries x 2 @ 2/$3 = $3
2.53lbs Yellow Bananas @ $0.59/lb = $1.49
Crystal Farms Cheese 6oz x 3 @ 3/$5 = $5
Yoplait 5oz Yogurt Cups x 5 @ 5/$3 = $3

Total Spent (According to Receipt): $29.61
Total Savings According to Receipt: $2.50 (8%)

A note about the savings on the receipt:  This only includes deals, such as the cheese being 3/$5, or coupons that were used.  The savings on the strawberries, for example, were not included because the 2/$3 is considered a "normal" price by the computer, even though the typical price for a pound of strawberries here in January is somewhere around $4.  The yogurt price of 5/$3 is also a "normal" price, so that was not included also.

The cheese, baking powder, and vegetable oil will last us far longer than this week.  We will probably eat all the produce and the yogurt this week. Fruit is a favorite snack for the children and John likes a spinach salad with his lunch every day, so we eat that much produce pretty quickly.

Come back Monday to see what we're eating!  How did you do with your shopping this week?


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