Work, Home and Family - Our Schedule (sort of)

I'm dreaming of summer and warm evening fires, like the one above.  We're supposed to get rain and then snow and then cold again through tonight (Wednesday) into Friday.  Sigh. I'm ready for winter to be done and it's only the beginning-ish of January. 

One of the things that people are doing this time of year is posting their "schedule" for their days.  And since I often get asked how I "do it all" (trust me, I definitely don't do it all!), I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon, at least in a way.  We have more of a routine than a set schedule, though we do have times to be places and the like.  This is our weekday schedule.

Some things to keep in mind:

Our children are tweens, so plenty old enough to sleep through the night, do all their own grooming, and help with the household chores.  Most days we don't have to keep reminding them to do their homework and practice instruments (they both play two).  I'm so grateful!  Having twins was so difficulty and energy draining when they were tiny, but now they keep each other company and work very well together.  The children do take dance lessons and play sports, so we have competitions, games, and practices.  They also attend Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism) classes at our church and participate in a few church activities as well.
John and I both work outside the home, though our schedules are more flexible than many.  John, as a Pastor, pretty much sets his own schedule and has one day off during the week (in exchange for working on Sundays).  My schedule, as University Faculty and as a Graduate Student is kind of all over the place, though I get to choose what I do with my time when I'm not teaching class.  I typically do my work for my class I'm teaching at work as much as I can (fewer distractions, more resources) and I learn my Jazzercise routines at home. My schoolwork is more nebulous - between and around other things and I try to take some time to spend at the school I attend at least once a week (sometimes that works, sometimes it's doesn't). 

So, here we are: Our weekday schedule

530/6am: Lea wakes up
             Make and drink coffee and personal quiet time, which includes reading, devotions and anything else that I feel like doing.
              One day a week, I wake the children and John up at 6am because they need to leave at 630am for piano lessons.  The children eat breakfast at school that day.
              One morning a week I teach an early Jazzercise class so I'm out the door by this time - I'm dressed and ready to go, I usually pack a breakfast to eat after class but I eat a banana before so I have something in my stomach.  I take clothes and toiletries with and get ready for work after class.

7/730am: The children wake up, Lea makes breakfast
               Buddy wakes up on his own sometimes in here (often earlier), usually Missy has to be woken up.  I start making breakfast about 7am. If I'm making baked good (muffins, etc.) I'll start those at about 630am.
                If Buddy wakes up early, he reads or watches the tablet while I'm doing my thing.  If he wants something to eat or drink, he will get it himself.

730am:  John wakes up (except when there is piano lessons)
             By this time, everyone is either eating breakfast or getting ready for work/school or both.

8am: Everyone out the door!

830am: Children dropped off at school

9am: Lea's workday starts
         This is almost always at my office at work or in the library at school.  Once in a while if I really need to get away from everyone, I'll work at our really nice local public library.  This is when I spend time working on the things I need for both my teaching and my schooling and my classes are scheduled somewhere in this time. Depending on the semester, I may need to leave earlier in the morning with John finishing the morning routine due to schedule of my courses.  I'm very fortunate most of my sections don't start until 915am or later!

330/4pm: Lea heads home. 
          Three days a week, I try to leave work by this time, or I get stuck in the traffic coming out of the state and city offices in downtown St. Paul on my way home. 
         Two days a week I leave at a only slightly different time because I teach Jazzercise classes and it's out of my way to go home first.

315pm: The children finish school
         Two days a week we meet them at the door to pick them up at this time.
         Two days a week they have sports practice after school at school.
         One day a week they stay for a bit at after school care until John can get there to pick them up.
         After school care includes a snack and a drink, time to do homework, and a fun activity (playground time, games, occasional video, etc.). The two days with sports practice they receive the snack offered at after school care.
          I pick them up 2-3 days per week and John picks them up the other 2-3 days, depending on our schedules..

4pm - 9pm:  Afternoon and Evening
         What we do here varies depending on the day:  Three nights a week have sports/dance and one night has Confirmation.  We do manage to have dinner together at home at the table these nights but are all not home together before and/or after that.  Sometimes John or I will run errands or exercise while someone is at practice.  The other adult and child remain at home, working on homework, instruments, chores and anything else they want or need to work on.  Our one free night of the week is family time and we all stay home together and do something together (puzzle, game, movie, etc.).
9pm: Children's Bedtime Routine/Family Devotions
          Most nights this is when the children are getting ready for bed.  One night a week we have a child at an activity until 9pm and this is usually when everyone arrives home from confirmation due to John being the Pastor and having to clean up, etc. 
          For devotions, we typically read the Bible verses for the day from the Revised Common Lectionary and the church devotional entry for the day as well and pray together.  If we have time, one of us will read a chapter of a book first (we are finishing up the Chronicles of Narnia right now - a reread for us and super fun!).

930pm: Children to bed.

10/1030pm: Lea heads to bed. 
          My bedtime routine starts most nights as soon as the children are in bed.  Some nights I'm tired enough I go to bed before the children do. 

11pm: John heads to bed
          John usually uses the time between when I go to bed and he goes to bed as his quiet time for the day.  He's a night owl so it works perfect for him!  He's a very restless sleeper so this also gives me time to fall asleep before he joins me; it can be difficult for me to get to sleep if he falls asleep first!

That's a run down of my day.  How about yours?


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