Frugal Friday - The Second Week of 2017

John's Birthday gifts last week.  The album I made is under the striped package, which was a gift from my parents.  The two in polk-a-dot wrapping are from the children.  The rectangle with the pink bow is the nuts we purchased on clearance after Christmas.  The other package is homemade by our daughter.

It's been a week of getting back into the swing of things.  We're all back at work or school, though I'm not back in class yet.  John didn't have anything extra this week (weddings, funerals, etc.) and even had one fewer nights of meetings this week.  We loved the extra time at home this week! 

Here are some things we did this week that count as frugal:

* Made vegetable barley soup, biscuits, soft pretzels, waffles, crustless quiche, and tacos at home this week.

* I worked on making two birthday gifts.  Unfortunately, I didn't finish either.

* John attended an all-day meeting that included lunch.  A parishioner invited him over for dinner one night when he had meetings.  

* We finally came up with a perfect for us budget for 2017.  I'm super excited about what we should be able to with this budget.

* I planned meals for the next several weeks using an inventory of our freezers and pantry.  We should be able to eat very well and not have to waste food.  I like that!
* I taught an extra Jazzercise class this week and I will get paid for that.  It will make up one of the days I missed last week with my PHN flare. 

* We used vitamin C and extra sleep and fluids to head off head colds before they took real hold.  I'm hoping we'd succeeded.

I think that's it that I can think of for this week.  How about you?  What have you done this week?


  1. Hi Lea,
    I'm glad you are feeling better! That's awesome your husband did not have any extra meetings & you had more Famiy time.
    I feel like we did not have many frugal things this week. I did change the head light bulb in my car this week so that is something anyway. Also got a few really great deals at the grocery store, these were limit of one package each, beef roast for $1.99 a pound & package of pork chops for .99 a pound. We did go to dinner using a gift card, so very little out of pocket.
    Have a great week!


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