Super Savings Saturday - $51/$100 for February Spent Today

And yes, I know it's still January, but today's shopping starts our February budget since I do my shopping for the coming week on Saturday.  We're still keeping our $100/month for everything we need grocery, toiletry, and paper product wise this month.

We spent $51.94 on the above groceries at one store. 

Everything in the first picture was an even $20 - that came to right about $1/lb for everything in the picture.  We have about 16-17 pounds of apples and pears, 2 lbs of onions and the two limes.  The store was running a $20 promo - fill a bag with a variety of things from a particular bin for $20.  Other options, aside from what we purchased, were potatoes (which we bought separately for $0.33/lb), winter squash (which we still have in our pantry), red bell peppers (which didn't look good), oranges, and grapefruit (both of which we already have in the fridge).

In the bottom picture (plus a gallon of milk) the pricing broke down like this:

10lbs of potatoes $3 (coupon)
Life Cereal $1.99 (coupon)
15oz tomato sauce 2 @ $0.79 = $1.58 (coupon)
8oz tomato sauce 4 @ $0.39 = $1.56
Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup 3 @ $0.79 = $2.37 (coupon)
Farmland Bacon 1lb $3.99 (coupon)
2lb Baby Carrots $1.99
Yellow Bananas 2.23lb @ $0.59 = $1.32
Cantaloupe $1.50
Greek Gods Yogurt oz $3.79
Kemps Skim Milk 1 Gallon (Not Pictured) $3.79
1 dozen Large Eggs $2.49
Crest Toothpaste $1 + $0.07 tax

Total Spent Today $51.94
Total Saved (According to the store receipt) $25.27 (33%)

We also received a $1 coupon for use on our next shopping trip.

The apples and pears should keep for the next couple weeks - we eat about 6-10lbs of fresh fruit per week so I'm not entirely sure exactly how long this will last but I'm anticipating at least two weeks.  It depends on how we eat the fruit and what other fruit we bought (this week bananas and cantaloupe) and have in our pantry/fridge already (oranges, grapefruit, canned mandarin oranges, canned pears).

We had hoped to get ground chicken but they were out and weren't giving rain checks since the coupon is still good for a couple of weeks so we bought the bacon instead even if it was a bit more expensive.  We'll try to get some ground chicken next week.

The potatoes, tomato sauce, cereal, soup and toothpaste are to either flesh out or fill up holes in our pantry.  I still need to buy some more flour and a couple of other things this month.

We have had two very busy weeks with this week being particularly busy and complicated by medical issues. I'm really ready for a quiet week or two.  So, come back Monday to see what we're eating!

What did you purchase this week?


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