Super Savings - Food Shopping Goals for January and a Pantry Challenge

We're still trying to pay off these unexpected medical and other bills from 2015 - they'll be with us for quite a while yet - so we decided we're going to try to knock off a chunk of them right away this year by doing a pantry challenge and putting some of our grocery money toward those bills.

So, we're doing a pantry challenge in January! 

Our goal for January is to spent $80 on groceries, toiletries and paper products total for our family of four - two adults and two 10-year-olds.  

My personal outside, crazy goal is to spend $50 rather than $80 and putting that other $30 toward the bills too but I'll be happy if we spend the $80.

With that $80 we need to get:

* Fruit (weekly - I'm hoping for citrus and bananas depending on sales)
* Shortening (I'm almost totally out and use it for baking certain things, though I can use butter if I need to.  I may have to wait until March to get sale prices around Easter instead.)
* Laundry Detergent (We're getting low and I'd like to find some on sale.)
* Milk (Three gallons this month - we're starting with a gallon and half in our fridge right now.)

I'm also hoping to stock up on the following items that are usually on sale in January:
     * Tea
     * Brussel's Sprouts (I'll blanch and freeze this for later.)
     * Canned Tomatoes
     * Canned Soup
     * Canned Chili Beans
     * Canned Kidney Beans
     * Meat - if I can find some on sale only
Depending on the sales that are offered this month. 

I'll update this more as the month goes on. 

I'm also hoping to get into a regular habit of bread baking each week.  It's such a money saver and I have been pretty lax about it recently. 

What are your food shopping goals for January?


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