Goals - Week of January 26, 2014

School has started and we are back in a cold snap with all our schools closed again today.  The children are both excited and bummed about school be canceled  - they had a field trip planned for today and wanted to see their friends after the weekend, but they are excited about having a long weekend and some time with just Mom.  We had another busy weekend and with the storm front that came through twice this weekend, I have been down and out with a colossal headache for most of the weekend. And in a bit of extra running around this weekend and I'm glad we have an extra day (or two) at home this week. We have a couple of fun things planned for today - baking bread and cookies and watching a show online as well as making a craft for Valentine's Day.  I'm looking forward to it all!

I've been reading Crystal Paine's book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, and I'm trying to implement some of what is in there.  It's hard to do, since we have so much on our plates right now and there is very little we can remove.  John is reading the book too and we've decided on a few things around the house and with our daily routines that should make our days a little easier anyway.  My to-do list isn't necessarily any shorter, but my routine of my day is simpler and I'm excited about that.  We're also being much more intentional about bed times for all four of us and rise times as well.  I did make the painful decision to quit my church choir for now. I love singing and love the friends I have there but I really do need that evening at home right now.   Hopefully all of this will help things feel more calm around here  and we'll start noticing a difference in my stress levels in particular and in all our stress levels in the next few weeks!

Here are my goals for this week:

Be ready for class each day
Keep up with grading (I tend to do well for a while and then get really behind!)
Update grade book as needed
Check references from MS Thesis against Bib and recycle what isn't needed

Contact my advisor
Cross 5 things off my list (don't worry - they're little things)

Teach 2 classes
Attend 1 class
Learn 1 new routine
Complete some administrative things that need to be done

Swimming Lessons
Piano Lessons (part of the school day)
Dance Lessons
Family Night
Date Night

Finish cleaning out the filing cabinet
Finish (finally) Christmas Thank You Notes (2 to go!)
Bonus goal: 2 small sewing projects (only if everything else is done!)

Congregational Meeting
Pot Luck
One load of items for donation
Write to our Compassion Child

Get my hair cut (should have done this last week but ran out of time!)
Find a babysitter for an event John and I have in a couple of weeks
Photograph outfits for the dresses I own

What are you up to this week?  Care to share?  Visit Money Saving Mom for more inspiration!


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