Goals - Week of January 12, 2014

So my word for 2014 is COMPLETED.

What have I completed so far in 2014 that was on my list to complete?

* A Christmas/Winter tablecloth (mittens and snowflakes prints) was sown.
* I cleaned out the top drawer of the filing cabinet in our Family Room (Why on earth was I keeping bill stubs from 2010? Never mind - don't answer that!).
* I cleaned out 2 1/2 drawers of my 5 drawer filing cabinet at work.
* I cleaned off the table/shelf thing in the laundry room so we can use it as storage for things like toilet paper, etc. in the coming year.
* Six garbage bags of shredded paper were confidentially recycled.
* Reorganized the toiletry and medicine shelf in the linen closet - this was a huge mess and the organizational methods we had just were not working for us anymore.  So far, this is working so much better!
* I've learned 3 new or new-to-me Jazzercise routines.

The goal with both filing cabinets is to get rid of them and downsize to something smaller.  We decided the paper expands to fill the space available and we have just too much of it!  In the case of school, my desk has 3 file drawers and two of them were completely empty.  That should be more than enough.  At home we have a large two-drawer lateral file.  We're downsizing to a traditional two-drawer cabinet.

Of course the big thing on my list to complete is my PhD, but that will take more steps than one!  Progress will be made and I WILL put "done" on that this year.   I crossed off 2 things from my to-do list for my dissertation this past week.

Here are my goals for this week:

* Finish cleaning out the file cabinet and have it removed
* Paperwork
* Go through the work turned in by my independent study students

* Complete 4 items on my dissertation to-do list
* Meet with my committee

* Learn two new routines
* Teach two classes
* Attend 1-2 classes
* Do my Pilates video (I need to work on my flexibility)

* Swimming Lessons
* Piano Lessons (this is part of their school day)
* Family Night
* Attend a friend's wedding
* Library Trip

* Ironing
* Clean out the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet
* Donate the filing cabinet
* Finish Christmas Thank You Notes and mail
* Two online orders that need to be made

* Write to our Compassion International Child
* Email for the "spring" choir schedule
* Start making the Prayer Beads for Lent

* Paint my toe nails (Missy got some fun new nail polish for Christmas and we've been having fun with it!)
* Shop my own closet for outfits to go with my skirts
* Photograph the outfits I put together

What are you up to this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom to be inspired!


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