Goals - Week of April 21, 2013

Wow, it's been a while since I've been posting consistently.   I started the year with such great blogging plans and, well, then, life happens.  **SIGH**

Same thing with goals - I mean to post every week, and even though I've been doing quite well with making my lists and getting through them, nothing much happens here on line.  Now that I'm finally feeling better again, I'm hoping to get back to more of a regular blogging schedule.   I guess the down side of having two chronic illnesses and battling shingles too is that some things just don't get done!

Anyway, here's the goals lists for the week:

* Notes for the rest of the semester - I can't believe we only have a few weeks left already.
* Catch up my grading again.
* Submit updated current grades for my students

* Meet with my adviser
* Put finished on a paper I'm writing

* Teach 4 classes this week
* Learn 3 new routines
* Attend one additional class this week
* Email my class owner about a couple of things

* Attend a friend's birthday party - Sunday
* Piano lessons x2 - Monday
* Swimming lessons x2 - Monday
* Dance Lessons x2 - Thursday
* Family Night - Friday - Celebrating Mark, The Evangelist
* Dance Lessons x2 - Saturday
* At home Date night with John - Saturday - play a board game, dessert
* Write out and send out invitations for the children's birthday parties (we're doing two parties this year - one for boys and one for girls)

* Daily Chores
* Do one thing per day to get our house "in shape" (I have a list of things to do, so I'll do one per day)
* Finish all the Ironing again
* Mend 3 things

* Fill out the paperwork for our church transfer
* Drop off Sunday school teacher gifts (we have to miss Sunday School this next week)
* Daily Devotions and Memory Work
* Write our Compassion International Child

* Lunch with a friend on Tuesday
* Coffee with a different friend on Thursday
* Have Missy paint my toenails (the last batch peeled off)
* Soak my feet once
* Get to bed on time every night

What are your goals this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom to share and be inspired.


  1. Glad you're feeling better, and I know what you mean with both blogging and goals. Here's hoping the snow has stopped, too!


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