These are a Few of My Favorite Things - Simple and Little

One of the greatest joys I have in life as the simple and  little things.  Things such as...

* my son's laugh
* my daughter's pig tails
* my husband's hand holding mine
* my lovely flowers in the spring and summer
* hot spiced cider in the fall
* hot and fresh coffee
* good conversation with a friend
* a date night game with my husband and lots of laughs
* a first thing in the morning cuddle with one of my children
* homemade Valentine's cards
* homemade Valentine's treats
* a tidy living room
* a cleaned-up kitchen
* my daughter's face deep in concentration on a project
* an imaginary light sabre fight with my son
* good hot cocoa mix from a friend
* a glorious sunrise (or sunset)
* soft grass on my bare feet
* a good book
* good music
* wholesome, fresh food
* freshly pressed school uniforms
* clean sheets on the beds
* time to sew
* thumb-print pictures made by my kids
* flying high on a swing
* playing tag or ring around the rosey or London bridge
* my children being so excited about school that they can't wait to tell us all about it each day
* my students' faces lighting up as they understand a difficult concept
* completed grading
* a new and interesting research article
* friendly work colleagues
* helpful conversations at work
* time to worship the Lord
* a community of believers to worship with
* the ability and desire to sing
* fellow Believers who question and struggle and uplift and affirm
* communion with the Lord
* the knowledge that I have salvation through my faith in Christ.

All of these things taken one at a time are not much.

Put them together and they are the meaning of life - the little things that make a house a home, a job a vocation, a church a community, and a religion a faith.

Truly they are some of my favorite things.


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