Monday, February 7, 2011

Goals Update - Week of January 30th, 2011 Review

Is is just me or is this year flying by?  I feel like I'm hearing a "Whoosh" as the days fly past.  *SIGH*

I guess that just means I have to pay more attention as things happen!

Things that were completed this last week include:
* Doing a quick tidy on the living room and our bedroom
* Cleaning out the kids drawers
* Getting caught up on the ironing
* Deep cleaning the bathrooms (they desperately needed it!)
* Staying caught up - and actually getting ahead! - with my teaching work
* Working out 3x this last week
* Going through 2 more transcripts (almost done with those!)
* Finishing another paper
* Starting a research proposal
* Establishing a professional contact that might be very important in the near future
* Ordering some supplies which will enable me to finally cross off some of my scrapbook projects from my to-do list
* Going on a very nice date with John (and managed to find a babysitter at the last minute)
* Making Valentine's Day presents for John and the kids (I'll post about them on Wednesday!)
* Having two very deep discussions about our faith and the future with John
* Cleaning out the refrigerator (Note to self: Do that more often! Yikes!)
* Finished reading one of the books on my "for fun" reading list for this year
* And probably at few other things I'm forgetting!

I still haven't gotten our new curtain rods hung - it takes two people and John and I haven't been available at the same time yet.  Hopefully this weekend.  I also feel like I'm way behind on my projects around the house and with my dissertation work. I do feel like I'm making progress and that's always a good thing! 

How are you doing on your goals? Care to share? I'd love to hear!

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