Goals Update - Overwhelmed

These last few weeks have left me feeling overwhelmed.  Very overwhelmed.

This is a very busy season in our lives and this fall only promices to get busier. 

We are already planning for fall. 

John has a 30-hour per week internship this fall, the kids will be in first grade (registration has already passed for that!), I'll be certifying for my Jazzercise certificate and I'm hoping to be defending my dissertation some time in that mess too.  With John's busy work and school schedule it means my work schedule will have to change too.  

These are all good things - it means John's getting closer to graduation and ordination, the kids are progressing academically as they should, I'm meeting my exercise/fitness goals for the year, and my career as a perpetual student is almost over.  It means we'll be 'gaining' $12,000 a year from not having to pay my tuition anymore (and that money can go toward our goal of paying off our house!).  It means that at least in theory my schedule will be calming down somewhat.

I'm happy about all of that.

I means a lot of stress - emotional mostly - in the meantime. 

At the moment I don't see who is going to switch with me for my teaching schedule. 
At the moment I don't see how John is going to fit another 30 hours of 'stuff' into his current schedule.
At the moment I don't see how I'm going to finish everything I need to for my dissertation in the time I've allotted.
At the moment I don't see how I'm going to exercise enough to be where I want to be for my Jazzercise certification.
At the moment I don't see how we're going to be completely debt free by the time John is ordained.

At the same time, I've seen God working in amazing ways in our lives.

We currently have saved $140 from our envelopes toward our summer vacation without much effort on our part.
John has several options for his internship this fall - some of which actually might work for us.
I keep making progress on my dissertation.
I am ahead in my teaching responsibilities! (I've never been in that spot before and it feels wonderful!) 
I've had some extra time to spend with the kids the last couple weeks, which is heaps of fun.
I've had two great conversations with my MIL - something I rarely get to do.
I've had two great conversations with my parents, which I always enjoy.
I was able to get some very small projects done around the house.
John and I have had two really great at-home date nights this month.
We've seen and felt responses to our specific prayers that we have been praying since reading George Muller.
John and I are both ready to have the necessary conversations we need to have with our pastor about our congregation
We've been more mindful of several things we've been wanting to do with the kids and we've seen results.

Even though things have been rough emotionally for both of us (John ended up with intensinal problems one day from stress and I ended up with a migraine yesterday also from stress), we've managed to lean on God and stay mostly content.

I gave up keeping track of what I've done each week this last week - much of it is repetative and I seem to make little progress on certain things. All of that is frustrating me.  So I'm keeping it here this week.

How are you doing on your goals? I'd love to hear!


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