Saturday, January 15, 2011

Super Savings Saturday - Continuing the Pantry Challenge

If you recall from last week I am challenging myself to spend only $60 on groceries in January ($50 from this month's budget plus $5 from last and a $5 gift card).  Last week I spent  $28.95 leaving me with $26.05 + $5 gift card.

This week I bought the following at one grocery store:
* 2 gallons skim milk @ $2.49 = $4.98
* 2 boxes Cherrios @ 2/$5 = $5 - $1 = $4
* Clear Value Oyster Crackers = $0.99
* 2.39 lbs bananas @ $0.49/lb = $1.15
* 2.35 lbs green cabbage @ $0.49/lb = $1.15
*2.03 lbs Bartlett Pear @ $1.29/lb = $2.62
* Westpac Green Beans $0.99 - $0.35 = $0.64
* Quaker Traditional Oatmeal $2 - $1 = $1

Total Spent: $16.53 (Saved: $7.44)

Our store apparently is not doubling coupons on Saturday anymore, so I may have to adjust my coupon shopping to Wednesday night.  Not my favorite time to shop since I don't get home until 830pm anyway and that would push me back to 9pm or later.  I guess it will depend on what I would get for free or close to free!  Today, the oatmeal would have been free with a doubled coupon.  And since we eat a LOT of oatmeal in our house, I probably would have made a Wednesday night run if I had known about the double coupons. 

Total left to spend this month: $9.52 + $5 gift card. Yikes!  I guess we're just doing milk and a small amount of fruit for the next couple of weeks!

For more shopping inspiration, check out Super Savings Saturday at  Money Saving Mom!

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