Monday, January 24, 2011

Goals Update - Week of January 16th

I think my big plans for January have officially derailed and we're gone past plan B to something like plan F, plan G or plan H by now!  Such is life and I'm okay with that today.

I did accomplish two BIG things this last week:
* I discovered a much better and faster way to organize my data and pull it out of the transcripts I'm working with!  I'm so excited about that since I've felt like I was just continuing to confuse myself the more data I acquired.
* I managed not to catch the head cold/sinus bugs that were running around the house here!

Those two things alone made the week fabulous!

Other things I managed to accomplish in spite of having to take care of all three of the other people in my house last week:
* Finalized my class schedule (what we're doing when) for the semester
* Finalized my syllabus for the semester
* Cleaned out the kids room again
* washed all the switch plates in the house
* Dusted all the ceiling fans in the house
* Found Buddy's lost glasses! HURRAY!
* Baked bread
* Chaperoned a field trip at my kids school
* Read 3 papers for school
* Analyzed 4 transcripts for school
* Figured out how to use my new scanner at work (for someone who is technologically illiterate like me, that's big!)
* Worked out twice
* And probably something else I'm forgetting

I still have a lot to accomplish - particularly in the way of things around the house.  Now that John is done with his intensive class and isn't sick any more, I'm hoping we can actually get those curtain rods up and the closet system in before the end of the month.  I realized that my to-do list doesn't fit with my written schedule well so I will be revamping that over the next few weeks.

We also had a close friend die yesterday - she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor the middle of December.  She was only 27 years old.  Her mother was killed 2 years ago in a house fire and her Dad just finally finished his recovery from the same fire when her diagnosis came.  It's hit us all hard - she was doing well on Saturday with plans to start chemo on Monday and by Sunday afternoon she was gone.  If you have a minute can you say a prayer for the H. family?  They surely need it right now.

Hope your week is off to a good and productive start! 

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