Frugal Friday - 5 Uses for Leftover Socks + 2 for Holey Nylons

We all have socks that have no mates.  Perhaps the dryer ate one, or one got a hole, or one got lost or whatever.  But if you own socks, you have a leftover sock laying around.  

These things bug me.  I really dislike having an unmatched sock.  And I dislike even more not knowing what to do with it! 

So, here are 5 things that we've used our leftover socks for:

* Child's dusting rag.  Spritz lightly with your favorite dusting solution or a very small amount of water, have your child stick the sock over their hand and let them loose on your furniture - to dust of course!

* Sock puppets.  Yes, it's cliche but I had to include it.  Don't have things to make a face with (i.e. buttons, yarn, felt, etc.)?  Use a good old Sharpie or other permanent marker and draw away.  The kids LOVE this one!

* Polish or buffing rag for your shoes.  Honestly, we use the back end of old cotton undies to apply the polish but I don't see why an old cotton sock can't do the trick as well.  We use John's old tube socks to buff the polish we apply to our shoes.  Works great!
* Fill with sand and make a draft catcher to lay along the bottom of the door.  Obviously this takes a long sock, but it works great and you only have to stitch up one end.  Or fill two and sew them together at the 'necks' for a longer tube.  You could fill with rice, bird seed or anything else that would make a good solid draft catcher as well.  If you have a loose-knit sock you might want to  use something larger grain than sand, or it seeps out onto the floor through the sock.  Ask me how I know! :)

* Coffee sleeve.  Cut the cuff part off of the sock and slip it over your coffee cup for a reusable sleeve.  This would work for sweaty water bottles in the summer too!  You may have to hem the edge depending on where you cut the sock at and the knit of the sock.

If you're like me, you also have nylons that end up with holes in them fast!  Thank you Velcro tab children's shoes!  Anyway, I don't like throwing those out either.  So here are two uses for those:

Use them to store onions.  Drop and onion into the toe, tie a knot above it, and repeat until your bag of onions is now in your nylon leg.  Tie the top shut and hang in a cool, dark place.  Your onions will keep for a long time.  You can either untie them or just cut off below the knot to access the onion when needed.

* Outside soap holder.  I use a knee-high or part of a leg and place a bar of soap in the bottom of the toe, tie off and then hang the nylon next to our outdoor water spigot.  The soap is usable but can't get lost.  Just remember to take it inside in the event of rain!

How do you use your leftover socks and holey nylons? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I also use old nylons for tying up my tomato plants to wooden stakes. They don't cut into the plant like string might.

  2. Great idea Kim!

    I'll have to remember that when I stake my tomatoes this spring.

    Thanks for commenting,


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