Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goals - Long Overdue Freezer Cooking Update

That's my homemade granola from my freezer cooking week, which actually ended up being a 2-week stint.

Do you remember my colossal list? 

I got almost everything done:  I skipped the calzones and cheese pizzas because I ran out of room in my freezer and ditched making the cookies and the pancake mixes since we rarely have pancakes and I ran out of time.
It was a good experiment and I'm so glad I did it!   I totally resonated with Crystal when she talked about adding things to her regular cooking rather than having a big, single cooking day.  That's the only way I could do it, certainly.

Amazingly, I got the rest done and I still have a LOT in my freezer and my cupboard:
* several of the stir fry packets
* turkey stock
* 16 bean and ham soup
* 1 frozen pizza (half cheese and half veggie)
* tomato sauce
*  1 cornbread mix
* 3 of my baking powder biscuit mixes
* half a batch of granola

This month I've done mini-apple-crisps (apple crisp in foil muffin tins frozen before cooking - I'll bake these from the freezer in a muffin tin later - recipe to come!) and I need to add a few muffin and another cornbread mix.

The flops?  The pizza for sure.  It was tough and had a weird texture when we cooked it. That's why we still have one in our freezer. :) Not sure what happened, but since it takes very little time to make the pizza anyway, I don't think I'll do that again.  The 16-bean and ham soup is okay  but not great and we'll keep it for a soup potluck at John's work rather than eating it all ourselves.

I love having the mixes, the stir fry packets, tomato sauce, granola, and turkey/chicken stock and will continue to make those!

How did your freezer cooking go?  Care to share?

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