These are A Few of My Favorite Things - My Children's Laughter

This picture is a favorite one of mine - not because it's particularly a good picture, but because it does a good job of capturing my children. 

My children love each other and they love John and I.  Buddy is so open and honest and everyone is his friend.  He is constantly thinking of others.  Missy is more reserved and far more temperamental, but she too, thinks of others more than herself, constantly making things for others (usually pictures involving glitter glue and pom-poms).  In this picture, they had turned around to see John and I walking down the trail at a State Park holding hands.  They decided that they needed to hold hands too - and set off down the trail holding hands and singing songs.  Very sweet!  My cousin suggested blowing this photo up to 11x14, turning it black and white and hanging it in our living room.  I may just have to do that - though I kind of like Missy's purple striped socks with her pink outfit!
The thing I love the most about my children is their ability to laugh. 

They giggle often and long.  They make up jokes and tell funny stories just to make each other laugh.  They often see the humor in things that we grown-ups are too busy to see. 

I love it!

Buddy in particular has the most contagious laugh. It's a deep belly laugh and his grin is irresistible.  Anyone who hears him, just has to laugh right along with him.  Even my Missy when she's grumpy. 

And often Buddy will find something funny to laugh about just to make her laugh when she's grumpy.

The sheer abandon of their laughter brightens my day and makes me wonder why we as adults don't laugh more often. 

I've got great help in getting me to laugh more often.  And I hope you do too.

What more can I ask for?


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