Work, Home and Family - Homemade Christmas Gifts

We had a lot of people we felt we should give something to this year - 7 teachers (team taught preschool and Sunday school), daycare, administrative type people, and friends. It seemed like the list went on forever this year. I didn't want to spend a lot and wanted to do something that wouldn't take up space in people's homes (anyone else in that boat with me?).

So, I made baked goodies, caramel corn, hot cocoa mix, chocolate dipped marshmallows and chocolate covered pretzels. The kids made homemade Christmas ornaments. Since it was the end of the semester and quite a bit crazy, we did this in shifts. Here's the results:

Chocolate Covered Pretzels (dipped in red and green sugar):

Red and Green Caramel Corn:
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows (here's Missy dipping them in colored sugar for a special touch):

Homemade Christmas Ornaments (TP tubes, pipe cleaners and beads!)

The Final Product!

I got the baskets for 50 cents each at the thrift store, bought some food-safe gift bags on clearance sale at JoAnn's and got the candles for about 70 cents with coupons and a sale. I used tissue paper I already had. I did bake cookies and make hot cocoa mix too but for some reason missed getting photos of those. Oops.
What did you make for Christmas this year?


  1. I just discovered your blog and like it! One thing to think about for next year gifts... Teachers get so many, many sweets from students, and while they love the thought and effort behind it, much of the homemade gift goodies go to waste. They just can't handle the volume of treats, are dieting, make their own stuff, etc. Another inexpensive idea would be to buy rice or dried beans in bulk, then bundle with herbs, etc in gift bags. Or do other make your own mixes and give that. These kind of things are at least as inexpensive, and can be used during the Jan. Diet season :)


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