Healthy Habits in 2010 - Week 2 are your health habits going?

Mine are just okay this week. My goal for last week was to Jazzercise 3x, snack less and calibrate the pedometer. I did snack less and actually found the pedometer (trust me - that took some doing since I didn't wear it once since my surgery in September **blush**). I also made it Jazzercise twice - the two times I am a class coordinator.

The third time? Well, does moving furniture and washing walls and furniture count? I'm counting it! Especially since I was so sore this AM after 2 days last week and yesterday that I couldn't use my 5lb hand weights at Jazzercise! Plus, moving furniture and washing walls keeps me busy enough that I don't have time to think about snacking! :) Love that!

This week? It's back to work, which adds to my walking, and keeps me from snacking since I don't have ready access to food all day long. I think that's a good thing!

The goals?

Jazzercise 3x this week, though that might be tricky since John has his intensive class and is gone almost every evening this week. I did spend 3 hours moving furniture and washing walls yesterday, and I have a DVD so I might do that instead. We'll see!
Less snacking again.
And I need to actually wear that pedometer! I'm a little scared to see where I'm currently at with it.... I guess if I'm low, that just makes it easier to beat my previous daily total 4 days doesn't it?

How are you doing this January? Care to share?


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