Healthy Habits in 2010 - Update Jan 26th

Last week was pretty much a bust all the way around. I didn't use the pedometer and I only made it to Jazzercise one time last week thanks to the flu, though I did play at the indoor playground with the kids on Friday.

The part that did work? My food journal.

As I suspected, I do pretty good with meals and such (though I have to watch serving sizes again - I was starting to creep up!), snacking is my downfall. I eat way too much in the way of 'snack food' - mostly cereal (dry Cheerios or Mini-Wheats with the kids), unbuttered popcorn and if I have homemade cookies around, I eat them to no end. *SIGH* I suspected this but the journal just confirms it.

So, this week I'm targeting 3x at Jazzercise this week (if I can't make it to class, I'll do my DVD at home for that 3rd time) and cutting down on the snacks. I have a bunch of cut up carrots and celery for me to eat (I actually like that stuff believe it or not!) and I have yogurt to take to work with 2 tbsp of homemade granola for something that is more filling at about 3pm. It's yucky out - rainy, cold and blowing so I'm not sure if I'll up the pedometer steps but I'll at least aim to keep it steady. It's a good thing that my office is on the other side of the building from the ladies' room! :) And that I have a 6+ block walk from my parking lot to my office. If the weather gets nicer later this week, I'll do a 2 mile walk circuit at lunchtime that I used to do a year or so ago to up those step counts. I guess I could walk up the stairs on one side of the building go to the other side and walk down again a few times but what fun is that? I also need to up my water intake.

So for next week: Jazzercise 3x, cut back on snacking to 2x per day in controlled portions, up my water intake, and keep my number of steps at least where they currently are at.

How did you do this week? And what are you going to do for next week?


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