Yummy One-on-One Time

I bought cake mix today - something I rarely do (I can't even remember the last time I made a cake from a mix it's been that long!). Missy asked if we could make a cake after we got home today.

So we did! I poured it into two round pans - the kind you stack to make a two-layer cake. We're eating one and I'm sending the other one to work with John on Monday. I remember now why people prefer to use a mix - we had the whole thing mixed up in about 5 minutes! I think I need to make up some mixes of my own. I'm almost out of biscuit, cornbread, and muffin mixes that I'd made before and should probably add cookies since we're getting toward Christmas. Hrmm - something to do with the kids tomorrow!

Anyway, back to that cake! Missy poured everything into the mixer for me and then even cracked the eggs and put them in to. Apparently my Mom showed her how to do this in May of this year without informing me. She did great - go figure! Then, after pouring both batters into the pans, she 'swirled' them for me by 'cutting' through them with a butter knife.
Here's Missy frosting the cake for home with our homemade vanilla frosting:

Adding the sprinkles:

And the final product!

Not bad for a preschooler, huh?

And it tasted so very, very yummy!

What an enjoyable thing to do this afternoon! And what a good way to spend some quality time with my daughter!

What more can I ask for?


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