New Schedule Implementation Update

So, last week I put together a new schedule that was supposed to help me complete what I need to complete without being overwhelmed. I was going to start it on Tuesday, since I had to take the kids to the Eye Doctor on Monday afternoon - eating up the whole afternoon.

So, how did it go this week?

Truthfully, not so hot. For several reasons.

What didn't work:
* I have yet to get up with John this week. I used to do this all the time, but this week, not so much.
* I haven't been getting to bed on time either. So, this is tied to getting up too. Going to bed at midnight or later does not make it easy to get up at 530am! Not to mention what it does for being coherent when I am awake at that hour....
* Tuesday we had the broken window at the dance studio, so I got home at 1230pm, instead of 11am as I'd planned. I was able to shift things, but lost an hour I had for working on presents and another hour on housework.
* Getting up late, means I get in to school later, and the result is that I miss a good hour or hour and a half of the time I had budgeted for review during the day as a whole with trying to ensure I have time to do what is necessary for daily function here.
* I had coffee with a friend on Wednesday after choir practice, which meant I lost another hour to work on presents. I need to schedule that when it has less potential to be precluded by something like this (people are always more important and this was something we've been trying to schedule for a month, but the presents still need to get done by Wednesday next week!)

What did work:
* I was able to shift my schedule so that I get the schoolwork and the housework done. The presents and some other more 'open' times, not so much.
* I have been able to get caught up on some things I hadn't gotten done but should have.
* I know what I need to work on in terms of scheduling - going to bed on time is a big one!
* I'm a big amazed at how little time it takes to do certain things now that I'm scheduling time for the kids to help do them - dusting for example takes so much less time since they do everything below waist level. Is it perfect, no. Do I care that it's not perfect? No. :)
* I've stayed up to current on several things this week. Not everything but it's getting better.

I'm striving for improvement, not perfection. Though I'm pretty disgusted with myself for not going to bed and getting up on time, I guess the rest is not too bad. I tend to focus on one area and then jump to another and then another, and I'm liking not having to do that with this new schedule. So, I guess that's a good improvement. :)

My goal for next week is to get to bed on time each night. More work that is refining me, I guess, since that's always been a challenge for me. I'll let you know how it goes next week!


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