Just Busy....

I've been trying to dig myself out from under the pile of things that I've been getting behind on during the month of October.

So, these last couple of days have been just plain busy.

Throw in school conferences, John's Bible Study, a gut-wrenching 2-hour long meeting at church, our favorite teenager's 17Th birthday party, an eye doctor appointment along with all the usual things this week and it's been officially a busy week.

Still, I'm grateful I have the energy to keep up.
And I'm even more grateful that I've gotten a lot done.

... a Thanksgiving countdown chain up for the kids
...a draft of a paper written for school
...4 papers for school read and notes taken
....ironing almost caught up
...slipcovers, sheets and towels washed
....3 loads of laundry washed, dried and put away
...a birthday gift wrapped and card written
...a letter written to our Compassion International Child
...1 large box and 1 large pile of stuff cleaned out from our stash of stuff left from moving in
...progress made on my niece's and nephew's quilt tops
...a movie watched while cuddling with the kids
...the living room tidied up and cleaned
...a list of Christmas gifts to make has been made
...3 Christmas gifts and a birthday gift have been ordered online
...Attended the 2-hour church meeting
...talked to several people regarding the meeting
...made an apple crisp
...gotten my eyes checked and I don't need new glasses (yay!)
...met with my kids' teacher and they're doing very, very well (double yay!)
...had a mini-budget talk with John
...found the curriculum guidelines that I had been looking for (and needed!) for school
...made four appointments
...scheduled two meetings
...set up and checked people in for and attended Jazzercise (and I can barely walk today!)
...did a quick clean on the bathroom for John's Bible Study
...actually found the Thanksgiving guest towels and put those out!
...came up with an amazing $25 grocery list thanks to some awesome sales for this week

...Plus all the daily stuff like cooking and cleanup, eating meals, and morning and bedtime routines.

On tap for today also is choir practice at Church, finishing this paper, finishing one last load of laundry, ordering the kids' November book order and school pictures online, making and eating dinner and vacuuming the carpets.

I'm so grateful that I have the energy and can actually cross some things off my to-do list. It's exciting. It's exhausting. It's exhilerating.

And I feel so blessed that I can do it.
Soli Deo Gloria. Always


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