Crazy Week

It has been a wild and woolly week around here!

All the usual stuff plus the prayer request for my cousin (who had her baby on Wednesday evening and everyone is doing fine - Praise the Lord! Thank you for prayers!) and a meeting with my advisor and the uproar at church. I also had a headache bordering on a migraine for two days. John had the national inspectors in at work and a co-worker on vacation. That equals long hours for him. I also had to get started on a project for class and finalizing my thesis proposal so I can turn that in and get things rolling with that. Not to mention our friends from church meeting their 3 new daughters and keeping everyone posted on how things are going with their adoption process.

We ended the week today by waking up 2 minutes (literally - 6:58, he needs to be in at 7am) before John had to be at work. He called in, said he was running 15 minutes late (Ha!), took a 2-minute shower, dressed, grabbed the pasta salad I put in a Tupperware bowl for him to take to the lunch potluck today, and was out the door. All in 7 minutes.

It took me a lot longer to get back to whatever normal is this morning.

Not to mention that Missy first wanted yogurt for breakfast, ate half of it and then decided she wanted oatmeal instead! Ugh. Then we totally finished the milk off during breakfast too. Add to that waking up to a house smelling like boiled chicken (I had chicken stock making itself in my crock pot over night last night), and my day did not get off to such a good start.

Physically I feel like I've been chased by something large and frightening for almost a week now!

After the meeting, with my advisor yesterday I wanted to crawl under the table and cry. I found out I have yet another hang-up with my preliminary written exam. No idea when that will be resolved (though they're working on it). I do have things I can do in the meantime, but my to do list for all of that combined with class and normal activities looks insurmountable at the moment!

So, today I wrote out a schedule for all 7 days of the week for the rest of the semester, with the exception of Thanksgiving and the following 3 days. Now I need the self-control to stick with it. And a lack of interruptions.

I can stick to the schedule with God's help and work to minimize the interruptions (ear buds work great in a communal office - even with no music playing, people think you can't hear them!). With God's help and blessing I can get these things done and do them well. I'll post how it's going in a week or so when I've had a chance to try out the schedule for a bit. I'm sure there will be tweaks, but it should be helpful!

And I need to remember God is good, even when my day isn't.

I'm working on that too....


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