Frugal Friday - Middle-of-September

I've been super remiss about taking photos in September now, but that's one from the Oliver Kelley Farm we visited Labor Day weekend.  Can you tell the bull's horns go two different directions?  We all thought that was hilarious!   He was very gentle - and was trying to eat clover out of the children's' hands very neatly. 

This week felt very busy. I have been discovering that my current schedule doesn't allow much time for prep or grading or any the things that go into making a class run well.  So we've been trying to move things around a bit.  Not sure how we'll get there but we will eventually, I hope!  The children were away for three days on a school trip so John and I had the place to ourselves for a bit.  He was paid for a Pulpit Supply job and decided that he was going to use it to take me out on a real out-of-the-house date.  Those have been so rare the last two years, so I heartily accepted! It was so very quiet and I really missed tucking the children into bed at night.  Other than that, it was working on things around the house and work.  That was it!

Here's some frugal things that we did this week:

* Made zucchini bread and waffles from scratch this week.

* Picked tomatoes, green beans, a chocolate sweet pepper, two pumpkins, two butternut squash and two acorn squash from the garden.

* Re-hung the artwork in our rearranged bedroom.  I'm really loving the new arrangement.  It makes the room feel so much larger!

* John attended two meetings and was fed a snack at one and lunch at the other.

* I continued working on The Big Embroidery Project. I promise I'll share phots when I have a minute! 

* Taught an extra Jazzercise class this week as well.

* Rearranged our my evening schedule to use less gas in the car and give me a little more time at work to get ready for classes.

* We cleaned out several more things and put them in the donate pile.  My husband will take these to our favorite thrift store on Saturday.

* Brought homemade zucchini bread and home-grown cherry tomatoes to a church event this week. The zucchini bread was a hit!

* Our son brought me back a beautiful little owl figurine from the school trip this week.  They each had  a small amount of spending money and he decided to buy me a gift rather than buying himself treats.  So very sweet and now it has a space on my nightstand where I can see it when I wake up in the morning.   Our daughter bought my husband a small gift too.

* I cut flowers from the yard to make a decoration for the kitchen table along with one of the pumpkins we picked from the yard and candles we already owned.

* We shredded and froze excess zucchini this week.

* John and I had a bonfire one night for an at-home date and he took me out to a favorite restaurant for dinner one night.  We both had leftovers for lunch the next day. 

* Did lots of weeding and other yardwork around the rain.  Transplanted some perennials that needed to be separated. 

I think that's about it for this week.  How did you do?

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