Menu Plan Monday - Week of June 12th, 2016

Did I show you these already?  They're edible "Golden Snitches", inspired by Harry Potter. Our children wanted them on their cupcakes for their school class, so I bought a bag of gold-colored gum balls at the craft store and then made colored candy/chocolate hearts to use as wings for the "Snitches".  I thought I had white or cream-colored chocolate but I the closest I had was yellow-colored white-chocolate candy melts.  Missy made the hearts using a mold we already owned and both children were absolutely thrilled with the result!  Their classmates thought it was cool that they could eat everything and the teachers appreciated that only the cake wrappers ended up in the trash, rather than a pile of plastic rings or other junk.   

We went to Sam's Club this last weekend and did some stocking up.  Our CSA started last week and we have a few things popping up in the garden so we felt a big stock up and very little other shopping this month should be good.   I didn't get photos of either the CSA or the Sam's Club run this week.

We spent $111 of our $160/month budget this week at Sam's Club.  Here's what we purchased:
* 5lbs Cheddar Cheese
* 5lbs Mozzarella Cheese
* 3lb Tilapia Fillets
* POM Toilet Paper
* 3lbs Apples
* 3lbs Pears
* Trash can liners
* Zipper top freezer bags
* 36 count yogurt
* 36 count mixed snack chips
* 3lbs bananas
* 32 count juice boxes

The yogurt and the snack chips are to send to day camp with the children for the next three weeks since they need a cold lunch and a snack each day. I freeze the yogurts and use them as ice packs in their lunch to keep their lunches cold until lunch time.  I won't be sending leftovers with them much this summer since they have no way to heat them up and their lunch bags are sitting out all day in any weather.  So their lunches and snacks will be non-perishable as much as possible.  I usually don't buy juice boxes but the children enjoy these and since they already carry a water bottle at camp all day, they appreciate the change in drink for lunch.  I can use them as an ice pack if the weather is hot enough too. 

Our CSA gave us the following this week:
* Rhubarb (different type from what we grow)
* Radishes
* Asparagus
* Butter Crunch Lettuce
* Garlic Chives
* Lovage
* Parsley
* Lavender

Here's our menu for this week:

Sunday, June 12th:
     Breakfast: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies
     Lunch: Breakfast Tacos  (Eggs, Potatoes, Onions, Spinach, Cheese, Flour Tortillas)
      Snack: Leftover Rhubarb Cake (we brought this home from church - it was delicious!)
     Dinner: Hamburger Gravy, Rice, Apple-Pear-Grape Salad

Monday, June 13th:
     Breakfast: Cereal from the Pantry with Milk
     Lunch: Leftover Hamburger Gravy and Rice for Adults; Blackberry Jam Sandwiches, Carrots and Tomatoes, Apple or Pear for the Children
     Snack: Yogurt, Snack Chips
     Dinner: Baked Chicken, Roasted Asparagus and Onions, Apple-Pear-Grape Salad

Tuesday, June 14th:
     Breakfast: Toast with Fried Egg
     Lunch: Leftover Chicken on Salad for Adults; Ham and Crackers, Apple or Pear, Yogurt for the children
      Snack: Cut Veggies, Snack Chips
     Dinner: Soup from the Freezer, Sour Milk Biscuits, Sliced Apples and Pears

Wednesday, June 15th:
     Breakfast: Oatmeal Muffins, Blackberry-Banana Smoothies
     Lunch: Blackberry Jam on Leftover Biscuits, Tossed Salad, Yogurt
     Snack: Crackers with Almond Butter, Snack Chips
     Dinner: Potluck at Church; Bring Diced Tomatoes and Tortilla Chips

Thursday, June 16th:
       Breakfast: Toast with Peanut Butter, Banana
      Lunch: Ham Sandwich Kabobs, Yogurt, Apple or Pear
        Snack: Cut Veggies, Snack Chips
       Dinner: Applesauce Chicken in the Crockpot, Rice, Tossed Salad

Friday, June 17th:
      Breakfast: Maple Scones, Blackberry-Banana Smoothies
      Lunch: Leftover Chicken Applesauce and Rice for Adults; Crackers with Almond Butter, Cut Veggies, Applesauce for the children
      Snack: Yogurt, Snack Chips
      Dinner: Homemade Pizza and Breadsticks
Saturday, June 18th:
      Brunch:  At a going away party for a friend, bringing napkins and plastic silverware
      Snack: Soft Pretzels
      Dinner: Chicken Tacos with Corn Salsa, Apple-Banana-Mandarin Orange Salad
      Dessert: Rhubarb Cake

What are you eating this week?


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