Super Savings Saturday - $40/wk budget and a splurge

Yet again I totally forgot to take a photo. Argh.  I will remember - one of these days!

We are back to our $40/wk budget for groceries, toiletries and paper products.  And we are still eating from our pantry and freezer!   We have our CSA starting up in June and have a load of veggies in the freezer still that need to be eaten.   Yes, we have a long way to go before we get to June, but I can only eat so many beets, green beans and chicken each week! :)

We've also decided to buy a 1/4 cow from a local farmer, which will be butchered in the late summer/early fall, so we will be saving up for that over the next few months - we pay half now and half when we receive the butchered animal. It comes out to about $3/lb, which is a great price for organic, grass fed, local beef.  We're way excited about that!

I was under budget again this week since we're eating from that pantry and freezer (come back on Monday to see what we're eating) and we're also starting Lenten Dinners on Wednesday at church so we will be eating there instead of home one night per week.  That means less cooking for us during the week!  We also electronically filed our tax return this week and decided to celebrate tonight with a little splurge to go with our Saturday night pizza night.  We usually have the rare babysitter make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for the kids for lunch or dinner (as a treat and something easy to make since most of our babysitters have never cooked like we usually do) so I like to keep a few on hand - they were on sale for $1 each this week so I bought 3.  That will last us through at least the end of next month!

I shopped at 2 stores today and here's what I got:

Store #1:
Barilla Penne Pasta - 12oz box = $0.81 (markdown due to damaged but not opened box)
Strawberries 2lbs @ $2/lb = $4.00
Pears $1.41/lb x $1.28lbs = $1.80
10oz Blueberries = $3.99 (I miss-read the ad - it was 2/$5 but you had to buy 2. Oops).

Total Store #1: $10.60

Store #2:
5oz Canned Store-brand Tuna = $0.49 (store coupon)
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese 3 @ $1/ea = $3
14oz Classico Pizza Sauce @ $1.59/ea x 2 = $3.38
Bagged Salad 2/$4 x 2 = $4
Store Brand Gallon Skim Milk 2/$5 x 2 = $5

And our splurge: 4ct 16oz Sprecher Root Beer = $5.39

Total Store #2: $21.26

Total Both Stores: $31.86  (Total that goes into savings for our Sam's Club Trip: $8.14)

Our total so far this month for a Sam's Club bulk trip is $11.85.  I'll wait until we get to at least $20 if not higher before we actually go shopping there.

I also bought 2 bottles of Vitamin D tablets on B1G1 sale for $15.49 + $1.49 in tax but that comes out of our "medical" part of our budget via our HSA.  I didn't do any other shopping this week, even though my favorite consignment shop was having their $2 sale on clothes.  I don't really need anything so I decided I just wouldn't go.

How did you do with your shopping this week?


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