Monday, July 2, 2012

Goals - Week of July 1, 2012 and Review of Last Week

Sooo, Goals.  Last weeks proved to be a bit too much.  We had some serious issues come up that we had to deal with (and we may be dealing with them for a while), it's been beastly hot here (heat advisories several days in the last week) and we've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. 

So, in the midst of all that, how did I do last week? Not terrible, certainly.  I wish I'd gotten more done, but it's really, really nice to look at this list and see how much I really did accomplish last week.

* Finish outlining my first units for each class I'm teaching. (Didn't finish this but about halfway done.)
* Write up a list of things I need to make (or have the shop make) for my new class. 

* Email 3 professors
* Finish going through interview transcripts (Still working on this - getting closer though!)
* Cross 2 other things off my dissertation to-do list (Got one of the two things done.)

* Set for first class/teach class
* Set for second class/teach class
* Learn new Glut routine
* Learn new Opener (I actually decided to learn a new upper torso routine instead!)
* Finish setting up paperwork for new classes (whoot - very excited about this!) 

* 1 hr weeding
* Catch up ironing (Didn't even touch the ironing this week - ugh!)
* Finish cleaning out our bedroom (About half done with this - this seems to be the catch-all for everything now.  We definitely need to work on that!)
* Label bins in Buddy's room 
* 1 hr sewing/mending (Does looking at my sewing machine count?) :)
* Finish planting my annuals

* Read at least 30 minutes with each kid 5x this week
* Library trip  (Still working on reading the books we picked up last time, so we decided not to go)
* Finish travel game tin for kiddos (I have all the parts done, I just need to put them together)
* At home Date night with John
* Family Night - Lesson on John the Baptist (Friday)
* Make cookies with the kiddos  (It was too hot most days to heat up the oven.)
* Make Fruit Pockets with the kiddos (Ditto from the cookies)
* Work on solidifying our morning routine  (These two routines will be ongoing for a while!)
* Work on solidifying our chore routine
* Write list of clothes to pick up from Uniform Swap at school
* Attend the Uniform Swap at the kids' school
* Make sure John and the kiddos get their hair cuts done! 

* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Review John's Sermon for Wednesday
* Review John's Sermon for Sunday
* Finish Lutheran World Relief Quilt Top (return to church)  (This almost got done - hopefully this week!)
* Have everything ready to go for Wednesday and Sunday
* Send two sympathy cards to friends who lost loved ones last week

* Paint my toenails (I never seem to get to this!)  (I'm starting to think that closed-toed shoes might be a better option!)
* Get my hair cut (this never seems to get done either) (Actually have an appointment for Tuesday!)
* Cut myself a flower bouquet from our garden for the kitchen table
* Blog 5x this week :)  (Made it to four times this week - hoped to get Super Savings Saturday up but just plain didn't!)

I'm not sure why I always think that I can get all sorts of things done when John has to be several places during the week...I think I'm overly optimistic.  I guess it's the to-do list version of the "eyes are bigger than ones stomach" thing.  We have several things going on this week - John's preaching 4 times (all at the same church), we have two fourth of July gatherings and the kids have a birthday party for a friend.

So, here's this week's list:

* Finish outlining my first units for each class I'm teaching. 

* Finish going through interview transcripts 

* Teach class 3x
* Put together 1 new set
* Learn new Opener

* Catch up ironing
* Water vegetables and vulnerable flowers every day we don't have rain

* Finish cleaning out our bedroom

* 1 hr sewing/mending
* Rearrange everything in the media center
* Finish sorting through our giant stack of CDs - upload songs to keep, donate CDs

Family: * Read at least 30 minutes with each kid 4x this week
* Finish travel game tin for kiddos

* Date night out with John
* Make cookies with the kiddos 
* Work on solidifying our morning routine 

* Work on solidifying our chore routine 
* Attend 2 4th of July events, including fireworks display
* Meet with folks about the issues that came up this last week
* Purchase or make a Birthday present for the children's friend
* Finish and mail baptism gift for our Nephew

* Continue memorizing the Sermon on the Mount
* Review John's Sermon for the weekend (4 services at the same church = 1 sermon!)
* Finish Lutheran World Relief Quilt Top (return to church)  
 * Review and Update my prayer journal
* Send Birthday Card(s) to our Compassion International Child

* Paint my toenails (and hopefully Missy's too - that way I'll actually do it!)

* Get my hair cut - appointment on Tuesday! Whoot!
* Blog 4x this week
* Pray about a new routine/schedule/something to make my days more efficient and productive

Since I'm about halfway done with or have most of these things already scheduled, I'm hoping this will be a relatively easy-to-achieve week.

What are you up to this week?  Visit Money Saving Mom to share and be inspired!

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