Goals - Week of January 8, 2012

One of the things that I've learned about myself this last year, is that my eyes are bigger than my energy and time.  I like to think I can accomplish way more than I have time for.  And that really stressed me out.  And that definitely wasn't worth it!

Part of it is that I'm still trying to get caught up after being sick for 2 years.  Part of it is that I'm really impatient.  Part of it is that I like to think that I can be superwoman, even though my head knows that it's really not possible or even desirable.

So, fewer goals for each week, each day, each month, each year. 

Inspired by Crystal, here are my goals for this week:

* Return my contact for this semester (it's due this week)
* Take some items I have in my house that should be at work back to work
* Organize my paperwork, notes, etc. from this last semester
* Outline my first unit for this semester

* Finish two research proposals that have been half-finished for a while
* Send 5 emails that I've been putting off (I'd rather talk to people in person!)
* Schedule a meeting with my committee for some time in the next two weeks

* Learn 5 new routines (I have a list!)
* Put together a new set for my first class this week
* Put together a new set for my second class this week
* Organize my paperwork

* 3 hours of cleaning out total
* Finish sewing a table runner Christmas gift for a friend (I'm going to see her this weekend!)
* Catch up my ironing
* Take down the rest of the Christmas decorations (we usually leave ours up until Epiphany, which was last Friday)

* Pick up the kids from school Monday through Wednesday this week (John usually does this)
* Beginning embroidery lesson for my daughter for Thursday Night
* Help Buddy pick out and wrap a gift a for a friend's birthday this week
* Sew Buddy's Bobcat badge on his Cub Scout shirt for Thursday Night this week

* Drop off the load of items in the trunk of my car at local thrift store
* Buy toys for disadvantaged children with Missy while Buddy is at the birthday party (her choice for an activity!)
* Practice reading the lesson for this next Sunday's service

* Floss Nightly
* Refine my morning devotional routine
* Get my hair trimmed
* Paint my toenails

Yes, I know that looks like a lot.  Many of these things take only a few minutes - dropping things off, for instance, or picking up the kids - and many of the others are half-done (like learning the new routines or the proposals for school).

I'm hoping that I can get most or all of these things done this week.  With a lot of prayer and does of diligence, I'm hoping that it can happen!

What do you have planned for this week?


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