Work Home and Family - A Little Boy's Vision

Starting in late September, Buddy complained almost daily of headaches.  Terrible headaches - the wake-me-up-at-night kind of headaches.  He would hold his head and sigh and sometimes cry and ask for us to "Please make them stop!"

Obviously, we were concerned.

They were in what we thought was a 'weird' place for a headache - not obviously a tension headache or a sinus headache or anything like that.  He was going through some issues at school with another child and we thought maybe stress was the cause.  But they kept getting worse.

So we took  him in to the doctor and had an exam and a head CT.  Nothing.

Except a call from the doctor's nurse telling us that we "needed to be better parents" and "manage his stress better".  Yes, she actually said that.  And she was nasty about it too. 

I was having a horrible day and it hit me really hard.  I mumbled something about Buddy wearing glasses for reading and wondering if maybe he needed his prescription checked.  She said, "Oh, well, do that.  And let us know."

Ugh.  Thanks a lot!

Anyway, we took him in to the eye doctor - in the middle of the school day since that was the only open appointment between the beginning of October and the end of November. 

His eye site has changed drastically.

My baby boy has his Daddy's degenerative eye condition and it is progressing rapidly.  They're talking about hard contacts by the time he's in 3rd grade to slow the progression. 

His Grammie had that done too.  In the 1950s, when contacts were new.

I talked to the doctor about the headaches and he said that was normal.

Especially at this age, when the kids are learning to read and the brain has to work extra, extra hard to understand the signals that are coming in. 

I could see when he was doing his vision check, letters like C and G, b and d, p and q and other similar looking pairs were getting mixed up and he would guess.  Since he had no context (word, pictures, etc.) he got very upset very quickly.

So, now we have really cool new glasses.
And a really cool hippo glasses holder to put them on.
And no more headaches.

And a little boy who can finally see.


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