Sunday, July 11, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Getting Things Done!

I'm a big believer in having goals.

I mean seriously - if you don't have a goal to reach for, how are you able to get anywhere? If you aim at nothing you hit it every time. I would prefer to aim for something.

Are my goals overly ambitious? Many times, yes.
Are they crazy to others? Many times, yes.
Do I still make them and strive for them? Absolutely!

I had a conversation with my Mother-in-Law a couple of years ago about my working on this PhD. She told me about a friend of hers, working on a medical degree, and having a plan for several years about how she was going to get to the goal she had in mind. My MIL told me that she was so impressed by both of us because it just was more work than she could handle - so much work in fact that she didn't have anything she was striving.

Too much work?

I guess I've always thought that everything worth having is worth working for.

Relationships? A ton of work if they're going to be good relationships.

Raising kids? Definitely the hardest thing I've ever done and I have dropped the ball in more ways than one many, many times but I still keep working at it because my children need me to.

Staying at a healthy weight and activity level? Certainly difficult, but pays off both in the long run and short term (I have in no way learned the secret of this, by the way).

Learning something new? Often difficult, but necessary for our own growth and health.

Caring for our finances and all the God has entrusted to us? Work and many times a pain in the rear, but necessary if we're going to be the good stewards that God wants us to be.

Do I fall short? All the time.

But having something to strive for is so worth it.

Even better is getting things done - both seeing and feeling the rewards of all that work.

Part of the reason I've been missing so much lately is because I've been working on those goals. I'll post more tomorrow about that, but in the meantime, check out my side bar! We're making progress!

Definitely, getting things done is one of my favorite things.
What more can I ask for?

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