Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super Savings Saturday - $18.50 Grocery Budget

Last week, I mentioned how I had $12 and change for groceries this week. Well, I had a pleasant surprise when I counted the change in my "groceries" envelope! I had enough change plus a wayward $1 that was floating around in my purse that I had $18.50 for groceries this week! Whoo hoo!
So, we got everything in the picture above (yes, I did find my camera last week - it was hiding in the car!).
Store #1:
Two Gallons of Store Brand Skim Milk: $1.98 each
5 lbs Russet Potatoes: $1.99
1 lb Strawberries: BOGO $3.49
Store #2:
4lb Navel Oranges: $2.50
Bananas: $0.39/lb = $1.01
Bagged Spinach: $2.49
1 Dozen large Store Brand Eggs: $1.58
1 Can Store Brand Diced Tomatoes: $0.55
Total Spent: $17.57
Not bad if I do say so myself!
Next week is stock up week through with our $40/wk budget! We're running out of a few higher priced items but for this week, we will get through with this just fine. Check back Monday to see what we're eating.
For more shopping deals, check out Money Saving Mom.

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