Just When You Think They Don't Get It....

Passing on our Christian faith to our children is something that is a continuing challenge. They have done a fabulous job of memorizing things like the Lord's Prayer, Bible verses (short ones), and a variety of other things, such as not taking the Lord's name in vain, praying before eating so we say thank you for the bounty God has given us, etc.

Buddy has even really impressed several random people at church by knowing the Apostle's Creed, the Confession of Sins and several songs by heart! It's really funny when we sit behind someone we don't usually sit by and he starts saying one of those or singing along. They have to turn around and see who is this little boy, with his little boy voice, that's got the whole thing down!

But do they really get it?

Most of the time I'm not really sure.

I do a morning devotional with the children every morning while we eat breakfast and then we read a story or two or three (depending on how much time we have) from their Children's Bible.

During Holy Week, I decided to read the story of Holy Week in all its parts on the appropriate days. So, on Good Friday, we read the about Jesus dying on the cross.

Missy started SOBBING and I mean SOBBING during the story.
"But MOM-EEEE! I didn't want Jesus to die!"

I was thrilled. She got it!

Then, Buddy reached over and patted her on the back and said completely matter-of-factly:

"It's okay. He comes back."


Can I tell you how hard a time I had keeping a straight face?

But I think they both got it - each in their own way and in their own time.

Gotta love it!


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