A Day of Treats!

My folks are here visiting for Christmas and it has been a day of treats for me today!

First - John, Buddy, Missy and my folks all went to a pancake fundraiser for breakfast. My mom was going to stay home and we were going to go get coffee and then run errands, but Buddy decided he wasn't going to go without Grandma. So I had the house to myself AND got to sleep in an extra hour today! Boy, was that nice!

Second - my Mom bought groceries today! I spent a total of right about $12 for 2 packs of Kotex pads, 2 boxes of Ziplocs, and a tube of toothpaste at Walgreens. She bought the rest. That was really nice - including a few 'special' items we don't usually buy (i.e. junk food - like Fritos and Peppermint ice cream!).

Third - John and I get to go on an honest to goodness date tonight - Dinner out at a lovely restaurant. Where, we don't know yet exactly (we have it narrowed down to 2!) but I'm excited since it's been a while for us to just go out for dinner or anything else for that matter.

Fourth - I got to 'proof' John's final paper for him. It's for his class on the Parables of Jesus and he is nervous about writing about these things, not to mention his writing ability itself. Every time I start to wonder if this is where we should be heading, God has something like this happen. His paper was so very thoughtful, thought provoking and interesting. I feel privileged to have been able to read it!

Fifth - The kids were so excited that the got to go pack food boxes for the Lion's Christmas Box program after breakfast with John and Grandpa. They had a great time, actually got to help fill baskets this year, and came home with candy canes from Santa Claus to show for it! All they could talk about was putting the food in the boxes for a couple of hours. I like that!

Such a nice, special day! The kids and John are taking a nap, I'm going to work on the last of my school stuff next, and then get ready for our date! I'm thinking candles and tea are in order here too - to help with the studying, you know. :) My folks are both reading and the house is nice and quiet. My Mom is talking about making cookies, which would be fine too (not to mention making the house smell wonderful...).

It's been a really special day.
What more can I ask for?


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