BUSY with a Capital B!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or anything. I've just been super busy!

We were at my in-laws for Thanksgiving and had a FABULOUS time - everything went really well, both with the weather and the family. The kids always love swimming in the hotel pool and John's youngest 3 siblings love it too. We got to see almost everyone which was a treat too. My daughter and her cousin - the only other little girl in the family - got into more trouble than the 4 little boys combined (which is saying something). Fortunately, her cousin is only 2 and that limited what they could get into. I think in a year or two, though, we're really going to have to watch them!

Then we came back and both John and I dived into the last 3 weeks of the term at school, not to mention getting ready for Christmas and all that that brings. I have 2 projects, 3 papers and the final (God willing!) edit on my Written Exam to turn in by the 23rd, which is the end of finals week. I am hoping to have them mostly done (all done?) by the 17th, which is my last day of class and the day my parents fly in to spend the holiday with us. We will see if that actually happens or not.

Also, our van had the catalytic converter go out down in Iowa (to the tune of about $1400!!), our desk top computer finally died the blue screen of death and won't even turn on, then our Internet went out for a while because our converter wasn't hooked up to a computer (something about the way the thing was set up to begin with), and I caught a head cold.


The good news?
* The semester is almost over! Yee haw!
* We don't have to act on the catalytic converter right now, though it needs to be acted on soon.
* We have lap tops and wireless Internet at home, so it's not so bad.
* We bought 1/4 cow's worth of grass fed, organic beef, so we're set on beef for quite a while.
* They had whole cut up hormone-free roasting chickens for 79 Cents/Lb at the store last week, so we're set for chicken for a while too.
* With the turkeys and ham I bought before Thanksgiving, it means my deep freeze is completely full right now! Whoo hoo!

And the best news: We FINALLY figured out why my one committee member had an issue with my earlier writes for his question. That means I'm not taking a stab in the dark when I write again! That makes me VERY happy. It was a really stupid thing, but it amounts to bad communication all the way around! I'm relieved that we figured it out.

And confident that I might actually get to do my oral exam during the first week of next semester, like I want. YAY!

While it's been a wild and woolly couple of weeks, it hasn't been really that bad - just busy!

My to-do list for the next few weeks is just as crowded as the last few, if not more so. So, if it's quiet around here for the next little bit, it's because I'm finishing up the semester and getting ready for Christmas with my family. I'm going to try to post decorations, what the kids I have have been making to get ready (John has been swamped with 2 final projects himself, so we work on those while he's working on that) and my "No Shopping Month" idea I have for January, as well as getting back to Super Savings Saturday tomorrow and Menu Plan Monday on Monday.

But, just in case I'm not online, don't worry about me.

Nothings wrong.

I'm just busy.


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