Frugal Friday - Last week of January 2020

Angel Food Cake in Progress - YUM!
It was a very busy week at our house!  I had very little time for things that were not absolutely required, thus the quilt week on the blog here.  We had a large plumbing bill earlier in the month so the end of the month was very little in the way of miscellaneous spending.  That ends up being frugal!  John and I were very pleased to be paid on Friday this week, giving us a little more leeway with our upcoming expenses these next couple of weeks.

Here are the things we did this past week that we count as frugal:

* We made most of our meals at home this week.  We had baked chicken with vegetables, taco soup with cornbread, scalloped potatoes with ham and spinach salad, homemade pizza, cinnamon biscuit twists with scrambled eggs, sandwiches and homemade chili.  We used leftovers for lunch most days and ate toast, homemade muffins, oatmeal and smoothies made with frozen fruit and yogurt for breakfast.

* We used a gift card for a family lunch out between events and another gift card for a short date night.  No money out of pocket for either!

* Our family brought home extra food leftover from a youth retreat at church including a loaf of bread, leftover lunch meat, and popcorn.

* We read library books this week for enjoyment.

* Our family attended two free concerts at our children's school this week.  They were wonderful!

* I used a punch card to redeem a free loaf of bread from a local bakery.  It made delicious toast!

* Updated the budget book and paid the bills this week.  I am grateful that things match up with what we would expect and that we have the money to pay our bills!

* I trimmed and placed the last two flowers from the bouquet we had purchased the beginning of January into a bud vase for us to continue to enjoy. They may last all week! I'm hoping!

* I cleaned and organized my pantry.  I now know what I have and can plan to use it all up!

* I used money set aside to purchase bow ties for my son for his dance costumes.  A friend sells homemade bow ties as a fundraiser for her church's missions work.  Her prices are reasonable and I am delighted to support her church's missions!  We had set money aside for the costumes previously and he can wear the bow ties later as well.  They were less expensive than buying retail as well.

* I packed away the rest of the Christmas decorations and put them away for use next year.  I pulled out a few things we have not used in a few years for donation.

* Our daughter chose a dress she already owns for the school's Valentine's Dance rather than purchasing something new.  Our son also chose clothes he already owns for that dance. 

* John officiated a funeral and was paid for doing so.  Extra money for our budget!

What did you do this week that was frugal?

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