Sunday, January 29, 2017

Frugal Things This Past Week - The Last Full Week of January 2017

So, still no photos this week - I haven't taken a single photo.  We ended up with food poisoning this week - long story - and Missy is having trouble recovering so that's been top priority this week.  We have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow just to make sure everything is okay.  Our furnace blower also went out this week. Definitely not frugal but a necessary repair and definitely cheaper than a new furnace.  Our furnace is about 10 years old so repairs happening at this point are pretty likely.  I feel like I've been playing catch up all week and photos definitely were not on my mind.

Anyway, here's some of the frugal things we've done around here this week:

* Made homemade biscuits, bread, oatmeal cookies, chicken noodle soup, and fried white fish.

* John brought home leftovers from a funeral lunch for dinner one night .

* I taught a couple of extra Jazzercise classes which made up for the two that I missed at the beginning of the month, so I don't loose any money from that paycheck this month.

* I made up smoothie kits containing frozen bananas and raspberries and cubes of frozen yogurt and put them in the freezer for later.

* We made up a menu plan for the rest of this semester and will do some freezer cooking in the next two weeks to make dinners easier. 

* Removed the feet from the a pair of footie pajamas that fit other than the size of the foot.  I hemmed the legs and now they work just fine, but without the feet.

* Let down the hem of two pairs of pants for our son.

* Mended two pillowcases and a nightgown.

* A family friend gifted our daughter a watch that was owned by her elderly mother. The mother was also a dear friend of ours but passed away in October.  Our daughter was thrilled and loves the watch!

* I have been looking for inexpensive items of clothing to stretch my work wardrobe and I purchased a teal flyaway cardigan on clearance sale for $9 this week.  I have a lot of items to wear with this.

I think that's it for  us this week.

What have you don't this week?

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