Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Goals - The Last Week of October

Red for the Holy Spirit!  Plates, Cups and Napkins from the brunch for 35 we hosted at our home Saturday morning.

Now that we're through Ordination, we can settle once again into  routine.  I've definitely decided that there is never a week without something happening (John is at a church function 4 nights this week!) but that we can get into a routine and a rhythm.  This will change with the church seasons and the school year but I'm hoping to establish an ebb and flow that we can maintain for a while.

This week is mid-terms here where I'm at and basketball season is slowly ramping up.  We're eating up the leftovers in the fridge and planning for Advent - both at church and at home.  We have one more big day coming up - Installation at John's church - but that celebration is taken care of by the parish and we simply have to show up and enjoy ourselves.

We should receive our photos from the ordination later this week and I'm totally excited about that!  We had approximately 200 friends and family at the service and then another 150 or so that stayed for dinner after.  We have been truly blessed!   My only regret?  There were many I didn't get to talk to that day!

My goals for this week include getting a few things caught up now that we're through all of that.  Here's what's on my agenda this week:

* Complete and submit mid-term grades
* Write 1400 words on the writing that I need to do
* Learn 2 new Jazzercise routines
* Finish two Christmas gifts (and post about them!)
* Spend at least 1 hour on The Big Embroidery Project (still working on it!)
* Have a date out with my husband (the children are at a birthday party on Saturday so we're going to take advantage of the time for a date!)
* Have a movie marathon night for Family Night (we have three kids movies on the agenda)
* Finish reading the book I need to read for my research
* Make one last batch of pickled beets
* Compile my new set of research data
* Sign my children up for the county babysitting licensing class
* Mend 4 items
* Make gifts for Confirmation (and post about them!)

That's plenty! 

What are you up to this week?

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