Frugal Friday - Week of August 14 2016

The photos is part of our frugal things this week - I'll tell you more about it below!

It's been kind of a long week in some ways and a quiet one overall.   I feel like I'm terribly behind but I'm not ready to push my body to it's limits again yet - that time will come.     This week has been all about the produce from the CSA and the garden and spending time with the children.

Here's the "frugal stuff" we've done this week:

* I blanched and froze all of the following: green beans, purple cabbage, green cabbage, corn, and kohlrabi.

* I made tomato sauce and froze what we couldn't use this week. 

* I made and canned pickled beets.

* I shredded and froze zucchini. 

* I spent a lot of time weeding the garden.  I *think* I'm caught up again.  *laugh*

* We brought home several ears of corn leftover from the church potluck this week.

* I used the flowers that were still left from my anniversary bouquet to make a new arrangement for our kitchen table with some zinnias from our garden.

* The children and I went through all of our clothes.  We donated a TON, threw away a few things that were beyond repair, and reorganized everything.  Now we know what we need to purchase and what just plain doesn't work anymore, as well as what we have to wear.

* I spent quite a bit of time this week watching free videos online and working on The Big Embroidery Project. 

* I finished some sewing that I wanted to complete - gifts mostly.

* The children and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) for a field trip this week.  The museum's collection is free to the public so we just paid for parking and a light lunch.  The photo at the top of the page is from their Early American collection.  We had a great time and the children got to see so many things that they were really excited about.  It was a really hot and humid day, so it was a good day to be inside.   We decided we're going to have to return sometime soon because we didn't see half of the exhibits!

*  I read two books aloud to the children this week.

* John brought home a giant bag of baby carrots from an event at work this week. He also brought home several 2" binders and 2 staplers and 2 boxes of staples from an office clean out at work.  He will use the office supplies for his Ministry work.

* We attended a free back-to-school gathering at our children's school one evening - games, food, and friends!  It was a great time!

* We returned several items to the library this week but didn't check anything out since we have several things here at home to read and watch plus several other things we need to do.

* We used the wood from our yard to have a bonfire one night for an at-home date night this week.

What did you do this week?


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