Frugal Friday (or Saturday!) - The first week of August 2016

A not very good photo of my Midnight Pincushions!  The rain had knocked them down over my very weedy grass.  I just love the color! They're huge too - about the size of the palm of my hand.
We had a pretty quiet week this week - the children had dance auditions and we had a couple of church things but other than that nothing really pressing that we needed to be at.  So we took Friday and went to a beach at a state park and went swimming and had a picnic lunch.  The weather was perfect and then we came home, made pizza and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  Terrific Friday!

Quiet weeks are great for frugal activities - we're not tempted to spend money since we're not out and about.  

Here's some other things we've done this week in the "frugal" realm:

* We made pizza, biscuits, and scones at home this week.

* We picked tomatoes, peppers, green beans, lettuce and strawberries from the garden this week.

* I picked flowers from my yard for my kitchen table.

* I received large bag of clothes from a friend.  A friend had given her the clothes and these were ones that she didn't want based on style or fit.  I tried them on and kept about half of them. The rest of them will go to the church's garage sale later this month.

* Our son and I rearrange his room and I hung his Cub Scout items on his wall for decoration - his hats and kerchiefs and his Arrow of Light.  Back when our son bridged, my husband and the other parents who had sons bridging made beautiful holders for their arrows and I'm really pleased with how it looks hanging on the wall.

* We used our parks pass for our day out on Friday.  And had a great time with swimming and then a picnic lunch and some time walking the trails.

* I had the children try on their school uniform clothes and ordered the few pieces that we needed.  I was able to pick up several things at the Uniform Exchange at the children's school so we didn't need much.

* I finished another gift and started The Big Project that I need to make.  I'm really excited about that. (And I can't wait to show it to you when it's done!)

* Played a couple of games that we already owned.

* Watched three movies we checked out of the library this week.

* Spent more time cleaning out this week.  We have another load to take to the thrift store this weekend.

* Sewed buttons back on two clothing items.

What did you do this week?


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