Frugal Friday - Two weeks worth!

Wow!   I can't believe I haven't posted here for two weeks!  I totally didn't mean to leave you hanging.

We had company for several days and we're heading into the last few days of my semester at school and the end-of-the-year events for the children.  John has had several interviews for his first Call and we're in the middle of planning, cleaning out for packing if we have to move and trying not to get too nervous or excited.

It's been quite the pair of weeks in any case!

We've had some pretty frugal things happen as well as a few frugal flops.  I'm hoping to do a separate post next week on frugal flops, but here is the good stuff!

* Made chili, two kinds of soup, cornbread, biscuits, muffins, pancakes, pizza, breadsticks, calzones,
 and waffles from scratch.

* Took lunch to work every day except one, which was a lunch meeting.  My husband ate breakfast at work one morning during a breakfast meeting.

* My mother-in-law treated us to a meal out and cupcakes for an early celebration of our children's birthday.

* My daughter made Mother's Day gifts for both her Grandmothers (look for a post this week on those!).

* My mother-in-law brought up a houseplant that she didn't want anymore and a three drawer storage unit that she isn't using any more.  I have a use for the shelves and love the plant!  She also brought us dried cranberries and an avocado.  We ate the avocado in salad while she was here and I've been using the cranberries in my oatmeal. 

* I finished one stitching project and am working on finishing the last one before I can start on my big project!  I may need the big project sooner than I thought, so I'm glad I'm getting close to starting it.

* My children had their spring piano rectal and we ended up bringing home two dozen cookies that someone else forgot to take home afterward.

* We did a lot of cleaning out this week.  I'll be happy when we're done. 

* Our biggest surprise and blessing this week: A Pastor friend of ours gave John an ENTIRE set of Vestments - alb, stoles, and chasubles!  They're beautiful and we're feeling very, very blessed!  This Pastor was just gifted a newer set from his congregation in honor of his 25th ordination anniversary so he gave his previous set to John.  They don't even look like they've been used at all!

What happened this week that was frugal for you?


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