Frugal Friday - It's a rather blustery day!

Thanks to Winnie the Pooh and A.A. Milne for the title of today's post!  I'm proctoring a test right now and outside the window it looks more like early December - light snow and lots of WIND.  The snow is currently "falling" in every direction you can possibly imagine and I'm very grateful that I'm inside where there's heat and no wind!  I had hoped to do some yard work this weekend but I guess not.  I'm just hoping that all my plants don't freeze!

We've had a very busy week with something every night - dance lessons, parent-teacher conferences, church meetings, and the last of the music competitions and preparation for a dance competition. I also ended up teaching some extra Jazzercise classes since we had a couple of instructors on vacation this week.  I'm hoping we don't have too many of these weeks going forward - they're exhausting!

We did manage to be mostly frugal and I was really pleased with myself that after a REALLY long day I managed to pull something out of the freezer rather than running to the store to buy a frozen pizza.  We really don't to take out but we do tend to get that frozen or take-and-bake pizza when we get in a pinch.

So, here's the scoop from this week:

* Ate all but one meal at home or brown-bagged.  We ate one meal at a fundraiser for our children's school.  It was delicious!

* Made waffles for the freezer, scones and muffins for breakfast and soft pretzels twice for a snack. 

* Cleaned out a carload of items for the church rummage sale (we could finally drop things off!).

* Glued way too many rhinestones on my daughter's dance costume myself.  I'm glad I talked to other parents who do this and found out the tricks before I started.  Time consuming that is!  But her costume looks great and we didn't spend any extra money to make it sparkle.

* Finished two gifts - a birthday gift for my children (shared) and a mother's day gift for my mom.  I'm hoping to post on these next week.

* We took a walk one day when the weather was actually nice.  It was good to be outside for more than a few minutes at a time.
* We played a lot of board games and read a lot of books this week.

* My husband borrowed a movie from a friend and watched it. It was one he'd wanted to see but hadn't yet.

* I slept a lot this week - naps and going to bed early.  I think I'm finally getting back to normal energy-wise and it's a nice change.  I'm feeling much better than I have in a while.  It was nice!

* I taught extra Jazzercise classes this week and was paid for those.

* Tried two new crockpot recipes - one was good and one was just okay. 

* Went through my fabric stash again and pulled out the fabric I feel we need to use soon so we can actually do that.

* Made a list of projects around the house that we would like to complete this month. 

I think that's it, other than the normal things we do daily (cloth napkins, wash and reuse baggies, etc.).

What did you do this last week?


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