March Goals - The rest of this month!

So way back the end of February, I realized I hadn't written about any goals for February and I decided I was really going to nail in March.  Then I got sick and everything flew out the window. 

So, since March is almost over and this is Holy Week and I really need something else to do (do you hear the sarcasm?), I decided I would post my goals for the rest of March - since I'm finally feeling like I'm well again. (And, yes, that was a heck of a run-on sentence! Thank you very much.)

So, here we go for the rest of March (from 3/22 to 3/31):

* Read 2 books for my research.
* Write 1000 words on my writings that I need to do for work and school.
* Calculate and Submit Mid-term grades.
* Finished the shredding at the office that I need to do. 
* Remove two stacks of old papers from my bookcase at work and file, scan or shred as needed.
* Prep one unit for my summer class.
* Sew a new Easter tablecloth.
* Finish at least 5 gifts.
* Finish 2 mostly-finished embroidery projects.
* Play at least two board games the children.
* Have a date night with my husband.
* Find a sitter for a date with have coming up in April.
* Pull all the nettle in the yard before we get more snow.
* Take a car-load of donations over to church for the "spring" rummage sale.

* Catch up the mending.
* Sew a new spring tablecloth.

I'll give you an update next week on how things are going.  Most of this list is at least partly done so I should be able to make some good headway on this.

What are you hoping to do the rest of this month?


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