January Goals - Update after Week #2

Our 2016 "King Cake" - really a cinnamon roll before the "log" of cinnamon roll is cut placed in the ring.  The ring popped open in the oven.  Tasted DELICIOUS!

We're into the third week of January this week.  I'm feeling pretty productive this new year!  I'm hoping my health holds and I can keep it up.  John and I are working on putting together Plan A - mama is well and able to do everything she'd like, Plan B - mama is okay but not great and can only do so much, and Plan C - mama is out of commission!  On the advice of a friend who has long been living with a chronic illness, I'm also re-writing my to-do lists in "high energy", "moderate energy", "low energy" and "no energy" tasks so that I can still get things done even if I'm feeling really lousy.  The thing that frustrates me the most is that things just pile up when I'm sick and then I'm always behind. Hopefully my categorizations will counteract that!

1. Celebrate my husband's birthday Done!

2. Deep clean the kitchen, living room and main bathroom.
          I washed the walls, ceiling, cabinets and vents in the main bathroom this week.
          I also cleaned the light fixture and washed the glass shades from the light fixture in the bathroom.
          This week I'm hoping to get the walls and ceiling washed in the living room and the kitchen and clean the oven. 

3. Sew a Memory Quilt for a relative that recently lost a family member.

4. Finish a set of scrapbooks for a church event.

5. Write a minimum of 1200 words per week (4800 words per month) on my schoolwork and paper writing.
          I didn't keep track of how much I wrote this week but I got a LOT of things crossed off my to-do list this last week.  I'm guessing I'm well over my total for the month already since I wrote 4000 words last week. 

6. Make at least three presents off our 2016 present list.

7. Purchase and install a new storm door.  We decided to wait on this until doors are on sale.
8. Figure out how to generate at least an extra $400 each month and do so.  We generated a total of an extra $80 this last week.  We have $320 to go!

9. Be fully prepared for Spring Semester Classes before they start (syllabus, assignments, copies, etc.)
  Just need to make copies to have this one finished.

10. Clean off/out my office at work - I left it in quite the state at the end of last semester!

11. Weekly date night with my husband   This week we watched a movie that we already owned for an at home date night and we had a second shorter date night while the children were at a church event where we talked through some budget issues that needed to be discussed.

12.  Weekly individual time with each of my children.  I spent some time just talking with each of my children this week.

13.  Bake one breakfast item weekly to freeze for use later.  I made extra pancakes to freeze for later.

14. Plan for each lunch so that I have a whole, nutritious lunch, not something that is an afterthought.  I brought lunch to the workshop I attended this week 4 times and ate the really nice lunch provided the fifth day.  We made lunch at home the other two.  Breakfast - I enjoyed muffins and fruit at the workshop each morning and we had smoothies one morning and I made muffins and fruit (the children's request) another day.

15. Attend 3-4 Jazzercise classes each week.  I taught Jazzercise twice this week and I attended another class for a total of three classes this week. 


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