Monday, January 25, 2016

January 2016 Goals - Update January 25, 2016

My daughter's American Girl Doll - looking cozy for winter!

1. Celebrate my husband's birthday.  Done!

2. Deep clean the kitchen, living room and main bathroom.
          Washed the walls in the kitchen and two of four walls in the living room and cleaned out the coat closet this week.
          I also cleaned my oven.  Yikes!

3. Sew a Memory Quilt for a relative that recently lost a family member.
         I did get this all laid out this week.  Need to sew it next week - hoping to send it by Valentine's Day.  Then she'll have it for her loved one's birthday the beginning of March.

4. Finish a set of scrapbooks for a church event.
       Did a bit of journaling in the ones that were almost done - those are finished now.  I have two more (of 6 total) to finish now.  I can do this!

5. Write a minimum of 1200 words per week on my schoolwork and paper writing.
         Since I've hit my goal for the month already, I focuses on smaller writing things this week - several letters of recommendation and going through my labs for this semester (including writing up equipment lists).  That was more than plenty this week.

6. Make at least three presents off our 2016 present list.
       I finished the three presents I had already started and started working on another - our nephew has a birthday coming up in February and I really want to have his gift done to mail him.

7. Purchase and install a new storm door.   Postponed.

8. Figure out how to generate at least an extra $400 each month and do so.  We earned an extra $20 this week.  That means we have $300 to go this month. 

9. Be fully prepared for Spring Semester Classes before they start (syllabus, assignments, copies, etc.)

10. Clean off/out my office at work - I left it in quite the state at the end of last semester!

11. Weekly date night with my husband.  Had a mini date while the children were at a church event this week.  Played a board game we already owned after the children were in bed one night.

12.  Weekly individual time with each of my children.  I deliberately spent a lot of time one-on-one during regular activities this week. 

13.  Bake one breakfast item weekly to freeze for use later.  Pancakes this week.

14. Plan for each lunch so that I have a whole, nutritious lunch, not something that is an afterthought.  Made sure to make a full breakfast before leaving the house each morning.  Brought lunch to work two days this week, ate a catered lunch at a meeting and ate the others at home - usually leftovers or salads.

15. Attend 3-4 Jazzercise classes each week.  I taught four classes this week and attended one more. 

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