Frugal Friday - Frugal and Not-so Frugal Week

The apple pie I made for John for his birthday.
This last week was a mix of frugal and not frugal.  I guess some weeks are like that. 

The not frugal?

* My daughter and I had a date out for lunch and then did a little necessary shopping - we came home with four items, all of which were on our list.  It wasn't frugal but it was budgeted for, so we didn't worry about spending the money.

* We had insulation and baffles put into our attic and our attic weather sealed.  This definitely wasn't frugal, but it will save us quite a bit of money in the long run.  Again, this was budgeted but it was really difficult to part with that much money.

On to the frugal stuff..... 

* I made homemade pizza and breadsticks, biscuits, jambalaya, and pizza sauce this week.

* I enjoyed free muffins and fruit each morning at work during a retreat and a free lunch one day.

* We ate all meals at home (except the above mentioned ones) and we all took lunches from home (except the above mentioned ones).

* I worked on more sewing this week - mending several items (mostly replacing buttons and repairing fallen seams) and hemmed pants for my daughter.  I also worked on a quilt top that I've been working on for quite a while.

* My children received a free t-shirt for an event that they attended this week.

* I saved clementine peels and made candied citrus peels for a snack.

* We renewed library books online.

* We watched a few videos free online.

* We ordered seedlings for our garden this summer using an ordering special. I estimate we saved half price over what we usually pay.

* I earned a $5 Amazon gift card with Swagbucks.

* My husband and I had an at-home date night watching a movie we already owned. 

What did you do frugal-wise this week?


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