Saturday, October 17, 2015

Super Savings Saturday - A $56-something shop this week

No photo again today - John put everything away before I could take a photo since I was in the middle of cleaning all the odds and ends out of the fridge and inventorying the freezer.    And now I can't find my receipt!   Yep, I guess it's one of those days around here.

I went to one store after spending about 1 1/2 hours at the dance supply store trying to find split-soled tap-shoes for my very large-footed tap-dancing 10-year-old boy.  We managed to find a pair but they have the wrong taps on them so we'll have to replace those.  At least we've got them!  I guess men's tap shoes don't have a split sole as a general rule. Who knew?  (And, yes, I had to ask what a split sole was, too! I didn't dance when I was younger and had no idea that there were a variety of types of tap shoes.)
Here's what we bought:

* 1 Gallon Skim Milk $2.50
* 1 Dozen Eggs $3-something
* 1 package Go-Gurt $2
* 1 Loaf White Bread $1.99
* 6 15oz cans corn @ $0.69ea
* 3 cans Evaporated Milk (I can't remember how much these were!)
* 4 15oz cans black beans @ $0.89ea
* Approx. 3lbs McIntosh Apples @ $0.99/lb
* 10oz Spinach $4.99
* 2 bunches bananas @ $0.69/lb
* 2lbs Carrots $0.99
* 1 bunch celery $1.29
* 10oz white mushrooms $1.79
* 2 packages rope sausage @ 2/$5

I spent $56 and change. 

I took the extra money over our $40 weekly budget from next week's budget - we run on a two-week cycle in our house here - so next week I'll have approximately $23 to spend. 

The evaporated milk, corn and sausage were on sale this week and we were completely out of the canned corn and black beans.  John specifically asked for spinach this week so I bought the largest package I could find.   I was hoping that other fruit would be on sale - other than just apples this week - but I didn't find anything else that I was willing to pay for.  The carrots and the celery will last us quite a while and, though the mushrooms were not on sale, we'll use all of them in the next week or so.   It feels good to have some of the holes in a pantry filled in again! 

Come back Monday to see what we're eating!
How did you do with your shopping this week?

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