Super Savings - $40.95 shoppig trip

Living where we do, there aren't very many options for grocery shopping without going out of normal driving patterns or making a special trip somewhere.   This week was low for deals, so we did a little shopping and that was about it.

The side effects from my shingles have been really bad this week in some ways and far better than others.  Either way, I spent most of today (Saturday) at home with a foam roller and a heating pad.  So John went to the store for me (love that man!) and spent $40.95 today.

Here's what he purchased:

1 lb Bacon $3.99 (store coupon)
12oz Pork Loin $6.99 (store coupon)
3.99lbs Braeburn Apples @ $0.99 = $3.95
2.94lbs Bananas @ $0.67/lb = $1.97
Two bags fresh Spinach B1G1 = $3.29 (store coupon)
1.08lbs Red Delicious Apples @ $0.77/lb = $83
Two frozen Pizzas @ $2.88 ea = $5.76
1 Gallon Skim Milk $3.79
6 containers Greek Yogurt @ $0.88 = $5.28  (store coupon)

According to our receipt we saved $11.73 or 22%.

The kids went Trick or Treating tonight and brought home a huge collection of candy, granola bars, Halloween-themed jewelry, small bags of pretzels, and a few other random items.   I'll freeze some of the M&M's and other chocolate to use in baking later.

Come back Monday to see what we're eating this week!


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