Super Savings - First Shop of 2015

Happy New Year!

We've had a whirl-wind week or so with time visiting John's family out of state, my parents visiting for two weeks and John assisting at several worship services!  This week gets us back to "normal" around here and I'm grateful for a fresh start with 2015 and the quiet after all the hubbub.

My parents had bought a few groceries while they were here - mostly things like ice cream, olives and chips, pretzels and the like.  Since we spent much of this week with John's folks some of what they bought is leftover. We do have oranges, apples, and yogurt left from when they were here last week so we decided to just do a top-up on everything necessary and then go forward from there.

I don't get paid again until February (mid-month) so we are going to try to keep the shopping to a minimum.  

Here's what we did for shopping this weekend:

Store #1:
Bananas 3lbs @ $0.59/lb = $1.77 - 1st lb free coupon ($0.59) = $1.18

Total store #1: $1.18

Store #2:
Worcstershire Sauce $1.19
2 large bunches broccoli 2/$3 = $3
3.11 lbs Fuji Apples @ $0.88/lb = $2.74
1 Cucumber $0.59
Tribe Classic Hummus $2 (with store coupon)
1 Gallon Skim Milk $4.39

Total Store #2: $13.91

Total Saved: $0.59 (store #1) + $0.99 (store #2) = $2.58 (15%)  according to store receipts

John celebrated his birthday this week too and from his parents he received everything to make Chex Mix and two cans of mixed nuts.  His sister gave him a bunch of snack packages of nuts as well.  He wanted to have some nuts in his desk at work for a snack so this works out perfectly!

We also have plenty of food in the freezer and pantry along with some romaine, green pepper and carrots in the fridge that we'll be trying to eat through in January. 

Come back tomorrow (Monday) to see what we're eating!


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