These Are A Few of My Favorite Things - November Roundup

It's the last day of November. It's hard to believe that it's already here.  Today is the first day of Advent and I am ready for a slower pace and am hoping that pushing myself like I have been the last few months will make that happen.  The children have been such a big help in getting the house cleaned and ready.  I still feel we have a long way to go for it to be where I want it to be by the time company comes but I'm enjoying the progress in the meantime.

Here are some of my favorite things from the month of November this year - light on photos this month, I realized I really hadn't taken any this past month:

Reformation Sunday
The birth of the Protestant Church and our beloved Lutheran Church.
All Saint's Day
A day to remember all those who have gone before us.  So blessed are we!
My sister-in-law Gabrielle - she turned 20 this month!
She was a baby when my husband and I got engaged and she was the flower girl at our wedding - 16 1/2 years ago.  Yes, she was 3 1/2 when we were married!
Finding out that they were able to pull all of my dissertation data as well as my dissertation and my final presentation off my old hard drive.  (And, yes, I totally learned my lesson about backing things up properly!)
Going shopping for blanket fabric with my daughter and then sewing blankets for Christmas gifts with her.
My son earning 4 Cub Scout badges this month - good job Buddy!
My Mom turning 77!  Hard to believe she is that old already - she seems far younger.  I am so blessed to have her as my Mom and I will be forever grateful for having her in my life.  If you could say a prayer or two for her health that would be great - she's been having heart issues since July and we're not quite sure exactly what's going on yet.  Should have some answers later this week though.
Friends coming to hear my husband preach on Thanksgiving Eve.  We miss these friends from our home church dearly and it was so good to see them!  And it was a complete surprise that they were coming, which made it even more fun!
Pumpkin Pie.
Thanksgiving dinner and dessert with friends.  My best friend has battled demons from her past for a very long time and it was so good to see her enjoying her grandbabies on Thanksgiving day.  I am so blessed by her friendship.
Getting to hold my best friend's grandbabies on Thanksgiving day.  They are so sweet!  And little 10-month-old Raymond is so cuddly!
My son cleaning out some old toys and setting aside all his old Matchbox cars for my best friend's 3-year-old grandson, Joe.  My son came out with the cars in this hands and said, "Mom, I want to give these to Joe since I know he'd like them so much."  Made my heart smile, it did! 
Being invited to a Messiah sing-along with friends coming up in December. 
Snuggles with my son first thing in the morning.
Laughter as we play board games as a family.
Christmas carols - in piano, trumpet and clarinet - in my living room, no less!.
My best friend's pecan caramel pie - oh so good!
Pumpkin cheesecake.
A new tunic top, skirt and blouse plus a matching earring and necklace set from my favorite consignment store - all for under $10 on sale for Support Local Stores Saturday. 
Clearing the fall clutter from the house.
Digging out the Advent calendars and putting them up. 
Assembling the Advent wreath.
The lovely blue table runner given to us from a member at my husband's church - perfect for Advent.
Soup for supper on cold winter days.
Hats, mittens, warm coats and boots.
My clothes washer and dryer - so grateful I don't have to wash clothes by hand!
My children being so helpful without fussing.
Making Christmas gift surprises for my children, my husband, my parents, and other family and friends.
Being able to spoil my parents when they visit with things they can't get to eat where they currently live - like wild rice and good-tasting winter squash. 
Planning for Advent and the upcoming Christmas Season.  We are so blessed and I can't wait to share that blessing with others.
The congregation we are at with for John's Vicarage - they bless us so very much!   And his mentor Pastor - such a good role model and mentor for him.
Snow on the ground to make things beautiful but clear roads for driving - how spoiled am I?
What have been your blessings in November?


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